Week Three: Alabama vs. Florida Preview

Itzz_AoS · January 27, 2021



Alabama has flashed the ability to move the ball well through the air as quarterback Doug Day has already thrown for 990 yards in two games. The air raid has led to the Tide scoring 33.7 points per game so far. On the flip side, running back Jake Moon has yet to break out as he only has 29 rushing yards after 21 touches. The lack of balance could be a reason for concern as Doug Day has thrown four interceptions, including three in their lopsided loss to LSU in week two. On the bright side, three star wide receiver Tyrone Young leads the nation in receptions (28) and yards (377). This defense hasn’t shown us how strong they can be just yet as they are allowing 32 points per game. The defense needs to help create more turnover opportunities for the offense for the Tide to be successful in the long run.


Even though the Gators have started rough at 0-2, we saw an incredible paradigm shift from week one to week two with a change at athletic director. The Gators made the Texas Longhorns a bit nervous in the first half, but the offense couldn’t keep up with all that firepower from Austin. Florida was able to rack up 600 yards of offense last week (293 rushing and 307 passing) in an extremely balanced game. Quarterback Ronnie Blevins has to continue taking care of the football and create opportunities for him and running back Doc Smith in the run game to go wild. The biggest key to this game for the Gators though is making sure the defense stops the Alabama air raid just enough so that the offense can remain ahead.

Score Predictions

Houston Freeman: Alabama 34, Florida 31

Leej17: Alabama 28, Florida 24

David Ware: Alabama 45, Florida 38


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