Season 17 All Americans

Ryan Moreland · July 26, 2023


By: Ryan Moreland (@ryanmoreland)

There were many memorable performances this season, but only a few were good enough to make the CFSL All-American Team. Congratulations to the All-Americans and the nominees.

CFSL All Americans

Position PlayerTeam
QBMcKade Alber*Toledo
HBJohn Paul Smith*West Virginia
HBDerek Eldridge*Pittsburgh
WRJT Cass JrFlorida
WRKen Dixon III*Kentucky
WRGunny McGuire*North Carolina
WRGarrett Warner*Alabama
TESayler Sage*Toledo
DTBalor Blaise Dale*Notre Dame
DTLaci WhiteMichigan
DEGeorge YostMiami
DEEzra Rogalski*Oklahoma State
LBRyan SchultzAlabama
LBJameson Weinrich*Kentucky
LBTymundus Bell*Florida
CBLincoln GriffinFlorida
CBTrey Woodard*Florida State
CBBraxton Griffin*Florida
STyrone WysingerFlorida
SJakoby Cobb*West Virginia
SMaverick LeBlanc*Michigan
KPreston Rhude*Oklahoma State
RetTyson Steele*Miami
*Denotes first-time All-American

As you can see from the table, most of this season’s All-Americans are earning the honor for the first time. There are only six All-Americans from this season that have won before. Four of those (JT Cass Jr, Laci White, Tyrone Wysinger, and George Yost) have earned their second All-American honors. Ryan Schultz is now a three-time All-American. However, the title for the most decorated All-American on this list is Lincoln Griffin. Griffin won his fourth All-American this season (three at corner and one as a returner).


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