Week 3 Power Rankings!

HornsNation05 · September 18, 2018

Michael Buck's Power Rankings


By: HornsNation05

Michigan continues its roll at #1 but will face a tough test against #3 Hawaii this week. Other notable matchups include:

#2 Notre Dame at #9 Tennessee

#10 Oregon at #6 Auburn

#11 Boise State at #4 Ohio State

#12 Florida State at #7 LSU

#5 Texas A&M at #8 Iowa

1 – MICHIGAN 3-0 (LW: 1)

Last Week: Win vs FSU 70-21

Michigan continues to roll over its opponents. This time, that opponent was Florida State. FSU did not stand a chance against Michigan’s rushing attack. The Wolverines put up 721 yards of offense, with 631 yards on the ground. Passing? Who needs that when you have QB Javon Mack rushing for 369 yards and three TD’s. Leeroy Jenkins also rushed for 262 yards and five touchdowns. The other “Mack”, Joshua, had two interceptions on defense. Michigan heads home to the big house to take on Hawaii and their aerial attack.

Up Next: vs Hawaii (1-2)

2 – NOTRE DAME 2-1 (LW: 3)

Last Week: Win vs Auburn 45-35

In a rematch of the National Championship game, Notre Dame came back out on top against Auburn 45-35. The Irish were able to hold Moon in check with five sacks as a defense, with four of those coming by Shane Razorback. Ty White had a solid night on offense with 234 yards in the air, and 77 on the ground. He also accounted for three touchdowns. Notre Dame is starting to find their groove on offense. Notre Dame heads to Knoxville to take on Tennessee.

Up Next: at Tennessee (2-1)

3 – HAWAII 2-1 (LW: 7)

Last Week: Win vs Tennessee 33-27

Hawaii was finally able to pull through against Tennessee for a 33-27 win. Hawaii’s offense started off slow, but Ohle and company were finally able to find their groove. Ohle passed for 347 yards in the air and was complemented by Dayne Jr, who had 111 on the ground. Mason Ryan had a great game on defense with 11 tackles and 2 for a loss. Hawaii heads to Michigan for a huge matchup next week.

Up Next: at Michigan (3-0)

4 – OHIO STATE 2-1 (LW: 2)

Last Week: Loss vs LSU 44-40

Tough week for Ohio State as they come back from Death Valley with a loss. The Buckeyes held a nine-point lead with less than two minutes remaining, before LSU stormed back to win the game. Ohio State was led by DJ Moss, who had 292 yards in the air with two touchdowns. AK47 had a down game with only 46 yards rushing, and 45 yards receiving. Ohio State heads home to take on 0-3 Boise State.

Up Next: vs Boise State (0-3)

5 – TEXAS A&M 2-1 (LW: 8)

Last Week: Win vs Boise State 33-30

The Aggies were able to lean on Tim Riggins this week for a 33-30 win over Boise. Riggins had 173 yards on the ground with a touchdown. Quarterback Daniel Murphy passed for only 220 yards and rushed for 76 yards in the win. Vladimir Drago led the defense with eight tackles, three for a loss, and two sacks. Texas A&M heads to corn country with a matchup against Iowa.

Up Next: at Iowa (1-2)

6 – AUBURN 2-1 (LW: 4)

Last Week: Loss vs ND 45-35

Well Auburn had their chance at revenge, but unfortunately, they were not able to pull through. Moon struggled to get anything going on offense. He did have 192 yards in the air and 90 on the ground. He was also picked off once. Brandon Davis Jr. had a big game with 123 on the ground and three touchdowns. The Tigers were not able to stop ND on third down allowing the Irish to successfully complete 90% 3rd down conversions. Auburn heads back home to take on Oregon.

Up Next: vs Oregon (1-2)

7 – LSU 1-2 (LW: 10)

Last Week: Win vs Ohio State 44-40

It was only a matter of time for the ball to bounce LSU’s way. Trailing by nine with less than two minutes to go, Voodoo Tatum was able to lead his team to victory and shake the late game skeletons that had plagued him so far this season. Tatum threw for 412 yards with three touchdowns in what is his best game so far this year. Tetonis led the way in receiving with 144 yards and a touchdown. Jack Brown had another three-score performance. LSU will look to build on this performance against Florida State.

Up Next: vs Florida State (0-3)

8 – IOWA 1-2 (LW: 9)

Last Week: Win vs Oregon 38-31

Iowa was able to keep the ball out of Oregon’s offense by rushing for over 300 yards. Bob Smith had a massive game with 235 yards on the ground with three touchdowns. Iowa’s defense was able to hold Oregon to just 285 yards of total offense. Iowa heads back home to take on the upstart Aggies.

Up Next: vs TAMU (2-1)

9 – TENNESSEE 2-1 (LW: 5)

Last Week: Loss vs Hawaii 33-27

Tennessee was stymied by Hawaii’s defense, losing 33-27. The Vols were able to charge back only to fall short. Kyle Miller had 435 yards in the air, but mostly to check down receivers. Ty Jones was able to break loose on a couple plays and ended up with 201 yards receiving and a touchdown. Tennessee heads into a touch matchup with Notre Dame next week.

Up Next: vs Notre Dame (2-1)

10 – OREGON 1-2 (LW: 6)

Last Week: Loss vs Iowa 38-31

Oregon struggled on offense against Iowa and fell 38-31. Jay Smith threw for 117 yards and rushed for 102 on the ground. Oregon allowed 485 yards of total offense, with over 300 on the ground. Oregon could not stop Iowa’s rushing attack, allowing 309 yards on the ground. Time of possession came into play as Iowa was able to hold onto the ball for over 18 minutes. Oregon heads to Auburn this week to take on the Tigers.

Up Next: at Auburn (2-1)

11 – BOISE STATE 0-3 (LW: 11)

Last Week: Loss vs TAMU 33-30

Boise State continues to struggle to move the ball on offense as they fall to TAMU 33-30. Aidric Berry was only sacked twice but could not run the ball against the Aggies. Berry threw for 220 yards with two scores but rushed 16 times for only nine yards. Joe Friedrich had a good game with 117 yards and a touchdown on the ground. Boise State will need to figure it out quick, as they take on Ohio State this week.

Up Next: at Ohio State (2-1)

12 – FLORIDA STATE 0-3 (LW: 12)

Last Week: Loss vs Michigan 70-21

Florida State looked completely lost on offense and defense, losing to Michigan 70-21. Florida State had no clue how to stop Michigan’s rushing attack, allowing 631 yards on the ground. Elias Gonzalez was picked off three times in the loss. Florida State may want to start looking towards next year after this performance. They take on LSU this week in Baton Rouge.

Up Next: at LSU (1-2)

Biggest Riser: Hawaii (+4)

Biggest Drop: Oregon, Tennessee (-4)


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