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The Collegiate Football Simulation League is your opportunity to live out your college football dream. Create a player by choosing one of over 50 unique archetypes, get recruited by real user coaches and become a star on the virtual gridiron!

Here’s how to get started:

Check the FAQ

There is an FAQ channel on the league’s Discord server to help you get started and answer the most common questions. You can also find one here on the website.

Join Discord

The first step is to join the league Discord server. This is where all league communication takes place, where you’ll get recruited and where you’ll communicate with your teammates and coaches.

Note: Discord may ask you to verify your phone number for security reasons. They do not share that information.

Create your player

When you join the Discord server type !profile in #off-topic and it will give you a link to a profile form to fill out. All profiles are posted by our profile team to ensure consistency and conformity to our community guidelines.

Get recruited

Once recruiting opens, you will begin being contacted by coaches who have a need for your player on their team. Listen to their offers, ask questions and decide what the best fit is for your college football career!

Good luck and we’ll see you on the gridiron!


Join the CFSL. Create your legacy.

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