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The Collegiate Football Simulation League is your opportunity to live out your college football dream. Create a player by choosing one of over 25 unique archetypes, all with 7-9 tiers of progression! Then get recruited by real user coaches from one of our 26 teams and then become a star on the virtual gridiron!

Here’s how to get started:

Check the FAQ and Player Rules

You can find our Frequently Asked Questions here and our Player Rulebook here. Be sure to check those out to answer most of your initial questions.

Create your player

Recruiting for Season 19 is now open. You can create your player and enter recruiting by creating an account on the website and then navigating to My Account and then your “My Player” page to get started! Be sure to join our Discord server where all of your recruiting will take place!

Join Discord

Be sure to join the league Discord server to meet the league’s players and coaches. This is where all league communication takes place, where your recruiting will take place and where you’ll communicate with your teammates and coaches.

Note: Discord may ask you to verify your phone number for security reasons. They do not share that information.

Get recruited

Once recruiting opens and you create your profile, one of the members of our staff will post it in the appropriate recruit channel on Discord. If they have any questions or there are any issues with your profile, they will send you a direct message (DM) on there. Once your profile is posted on Discord and recruiting opens, you will start to receive offers from one of our 26 member controlled teams!

Good luck in recruiting and we look forward to seeing you on the gridiron!


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