Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CFSL?

We are a unique eSports league founded by college football fans. We allow you to live out your college football dreams on the field. Create your player profile, get recruited by our coaches, decide where to sign and then watch your player’s career unfold on the field during our live play-by-play broadcasts. You can also follow your player’s career through box scores here on the website along with full player stats, game photos and more! You are also able to communicate with your coaches, teammates and opposing players on our Discord server.

How are the games played?

We play out every game in full using NCAA Football 14. However, you do not need a console to join. Once your player is created and you join a team, you leave the rest to us! We will create you in our roster file and you will see your player on the field during our broadcasts. All games are played CPU vs CPU to give the most organic experience. No more scheduling with opponents or exploiting the AI!

How can I watch my team’s games?

All games are broadcast with live play-by-play on Twitch or YouTube. You can watch the game and chat with your teammates, opponents, coaches and fans in the live chat. All game broadcast times will be available on the league website and will be announced on our Discord server. You can also subscribe to our Twitch channel to be notified every time we go live!

How long is a season?

The league schedule is 8 weeks long with one week of playoffs (eight teams). Off-seasons are typically five weeks allowing for four full seasons in one calendar year!

What kind of time commitment is involved?

The league is designed for those with busy lives. You can spend as little or as much time with it as you choose. Follow your team and player by checking box scores and league stats, tune in each week for you team’s live play-by-play broadcast or spend the entire day on Discord chatting with other players and coaches. The decision is completely up to you and you can spend as little or as much time with it as you want!

How do I create a player?

Start by joining our Discord server. There you can introduce yourself and get to know the other players and coaches. Then you can decide what type of player you want to be, create your player profile and begin the recruiting process!

When you’re ready to create your player, just type !profile in any Discord channel or go to your My Account page here on the website to get started.

Can my friends join too?

Absolutely! We are here to have fun and make new friends. The more users that we have in the league, the more fun that we all will have. Just direct your friends to join our Discord server to get started!

Should I change my user name?

Nope. No need to do that. We will update your display name on our server with your recruit info, star level and team once you sign. Leaving your username as it is when you join actually helps our recruiters find you more easily in direct messages as well!

How do I communicate with my coach and teammates?

All of our league, team and player communication takes place on our Discord server. Each team has its own private locker room channel for its players and coaches to talk strategy and anything else team related. Players and coaches can also direct message each other for private one-on-one conversations.

Does it cost to play?

Nope! You can create a 3-star player, get recruited and play on any team at no cost to you. We also provide you with ways to upgrade your player by earning ability packs throughout the season.

What are player archetypes?

Player archetypes give you complete control over your player. There are several different archetypes for each position to choose from. From there you can upgrade them in any manner you see fit!

View player archetypes

How do I upgrade my player?

By default, every player is a 3-star recruit. However, you can upgrade your player to a 4- or 5-star tier level during the off-season. You can also add upgrade packs to your player to completely customize your experience.

View player tier levels and upgrade packs

Can I play both sides of the ball?

Yes! We have archetypes that allow you to change positions between games or seasons. Some allow you to play multiple positions in the same game! The options are limitless! Click here to see the list of available archetypes.

What happens when my player graduates?

After your player has completed his senior season, his collegiate career will end and you will get to create a profile for a new player. We just ask that you change positions (and your player’s name) when your current player graduates so that other users have the opportunity to play at those positions as well.

Can my player transfer or graduate early?

Yep! We want everyone to have the best possible experience with the CFSL. However, keep in mind that if you choose to transfer or graduate your player early, other teams may wonder how committed to them you will be. This may affect your offers in recruiting. So, be thoughtful about when, or if, your player transfers or chooses to graduate early.

Can I win awards?

Absolutely! In addition to the championship trophy that is sent to the winning team’s Athletic Director, we also vote on Offensive and Defensive Players of the Year as well as Fan of the Year, AD of the Year and Broadcaster of the Year. All of those awards earn the winner each season a custom trophy! We will also announce All-American teams after the season as well!

How do I control my own school?

Each team is run by an Athletic Director. At the end of each season, we will evaluate our pool of players. If we have enough new users to justify adding more teams, we will allow members who are not already an AD to apply to open their own school.

Applications for new teams will be reviewed and voted on by existing ADs. The more active you are, the better reputation that you have and the better your application is, the better chance you have at becoming our newest AD!

Am I able to be more than just a player?

Yes! Teams are allowed to have coaches, scouts and recruiting coordinators in addition to their Athletic Directors. There are also opportunities for game broadcasters and users to host podcasts and/or create their own league related Twitch and YouTube content. Additionally, you can apply to be an Athletic Director of a new school each off-season. You can do any or all of these things AND still have your own personal player on the field. The options are limitless!

How many scholarships does each team have?

As of Season 13, teams have 10 scholarships they can fill each off-season. This allows for deep and active locker rooms, position battles and only user players touching the field!

Who do I contact for help?

The best place for help is our Discord server. You can ask questions in our league chat and get help from admins, coaches and other players. If you’re on a team, your team’s AD can typically answer any questions for you. If you are not on a team and cannot get the help you are looking for via Discord, you can always contact the commissioner via e-mail at

How is a champion crowned?

Our champion is decided by an eight-team playoff. Each conference winner and runner-up is guaranteed a playoff spot. The final two spots are awarded via the Coaches poll. The final two teams play in the National Championship game to decide a true champion for the season!

What are the tie breakers for conference champions?

The tie-breakers for deciding conference champions and playoff seeding are as follows:

Two Teams Tied

Head-to-head winner during the regular season will advance.

Three Or More Teams Tied

The team(s) with the better record in head-to-head games will advance.

In the event that all teams have the same head-to-head record, the team(s) with the better overall record will advance.

In the event that the teams have the same head-to-head record and the same overall record, the team(s) with the highest point differential will advance.

In the event that the teams have the same head-to-head record, same overall record and same point differential, the tie will be decided by a coin flip.


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