Player Rulebook

This outline provides a guide for players on the various aspects of our league. This is not a comprehensive list of every possible scenario that may occur in the league however. If there is something not listed in this outline that you have a question about,  please contact your AD or the league for clarification.

Creating a Player

Step 1

Familiarize yourself with the Player Archetypes to see how to build your player.

Step 2

Familiarize yourself with the Player Upgrades to see how you can grow your player.

Step 3

Post your player profile on Discord in the #player-profiles channel. Please include your player name, year they will be entering as, your player archetype, desired star level and a short bio.

Step 4

Get recruited and commit to a team!

Player Archetypes

When creating their player profile, each user must choose an archetype for their player. Each position has several archetypes available for 4- and 5-star players. The archetype defines both the size and skill set of their player. To view a position’s available archetypes, click here.


To view all of the upgrade options available click here. Player upgrade packs are allowed to be added at any time.

Changing Positions

Due to the new archetypes unveiled for Season 4, we do not allow users to change positions during a career. We may explore ways to re-introduce this feature in future seasons.


Players are allowed to transfer to a new team once all games for the season have been completed (including post-season). Players who wish to transfer must notify their current team’s AD via direct message on Discord of their intentions. Their AD will then notify the league. Once their current team’s AD and the league have been notified, the player will be added to the league’s transfer portal. At that time, the player will be considered eligible to transfer and the other teams around the league will be able to contact them and offer them a roster spot.

Graduating Early

A user may decide to leave his school before the end of his senior season and create a new player. By doing so, the user forfeits any upgrade packs applied to their existing player and must choose a new position and name for the new player (which is the same process as graduating on time).


Teams are allowed a maximum of six 4-star and six 5-star players and a maximum of 12 star (3-, 4- and 5-star) level players during the off-season. New roster spots will open throughout the season to accommodate new players. Roster spots and positions are not guaranteed however. Each AD is free to build their team as they see fit within the imposed limits.

Once a player graduates or leaves early and they have spent at least two consecutive seasons at the same position, they must choose a new position. Users cannot return to a position until they have spent at least five full seasons at a different position and have played at least two different positions. This allows all players to get a chance to play the most coveted positions.

Player Conduct

All users are expected to conduct themselves in a mature manner. Trash talking is allowed as long as it stays respectable and adult. Berating a fellow player, coach, AD or admin, using racially or sexually discriminating and offensive language, discussion of or promotion of illegal activities, harassment, threatening or stalking of other users and any other conduct that promotes hate, discrimination or threatens someone safety is strictly prohibited. Violations of this policy may result in a permanent ban from the CFSL, PX1 Sports and its affiliates. Refunds of upgrade tiers or packs will not be given for under any circumstance for users who are removed for violating this conduct policy.


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