Player Rulebook

This outline provides a guide for players on the various aspects of our league. This is not a comprehensive list of every possible scenario that may occur in the league however. If there is something not listed in this outline that you have a question about,  please contact your AD or the league for clarification.

General Rules

  • QBs and HBs must be 4-stars or higher
  • Users may only have one (1) player plus one (1) kicker
  • Player names that may violate likenesses, copyrights or trademarks are not allowed. Player names must also be realistic (i.e. Jerome Parsons)
  • Transfers may only be done in the off-season during the designated transfer portal. AD of the team transferring from must be notified of the intent to transfer.
  • Players must choose a new team after their career ends and they have spent at least parts of two (2) seasons with their current team.
  • Players must spend eight (8) full seasons away from a team they previously spent at least parts of two (2) seasons with before rejoining that team.
  • Players must spend six (6) seasons and have played at least two (2) different positions before creating a player at a position they previously played at for parts of two (2) or more seasons.
  • Players may not receive money from other players, coaches or ADs to buy any upgrades unless approved by the commissioner
  • All upgrades must be purchased on the website
  • Players must stay reasonably active or at least check Discord periodically to verify they are actual accounts. David and I will periodically PM inactive accounts. If we do not receive a response within a week of our 2nd attempt to contact a player, the player will be removed from their team. If they return after they are removed they will enter the transfer portal. If they wish to return to the team they were removed from, they need to apply for reinstatement through the review board.
  • Users with questions, comments or concerns should direct those to one of our community managers or the league commissioner.


  • Players may not commit in any public channel until their designated Signing Day (2-game suspension)
  • No player can recruit other players for their team unless they have been designated a coach by their team (loss of recruiting points for offending team)
  • Teaming up with other players to be recruited as a package (two players or more) is strongly discouraged as it can negatively affect both the player’s and team’s recruiting experience
  • recruits-top-schools is only for posting top schools, not announcements, stories or anything not related to who the players top schools are
  • All commitments must be posted in #commitments-channel This can be done once the announcement has been made Opening Signing Day or after 24 hours have passed form creating profile (if outside of standard recruiting).

Depth Chart

(Updated for Season 13)

Here are the permitted depth chart changes:

FB1 > TE2+
TE1 > WR5+
TE2+ > FB1

No starter is allowed to be listed as a backup at another position unless permitted above.
Dual-archs that have HB listed can be HB2 if starting elsewhere and dual-archs that have WR can be WR5+ if starting elsewhere.

Code of Conduct

Users are expected to act in a mature and respectful manner. Our community is inclusive of both women and men and minors as well as adults. That should be kept in mind when engaging in general chat. Trash talking is allowed and encouraged but should not become vulgar or personal or of an attacking nature.

The following infractions will result in an immediate ban from the league including removal from Discord and the player’s team:

  • Racism of any kind
  • Berating or being verbally abusive towards staff or other users
  • Threatening other users with violence or personal harm
  • Bullying other users in chat or on social media
  • Creating more than one Discord account or players
  • Promoting other leagues, discord servers, social media channels or any other outside event or promotion without permission from the commissioner

The following infractions will result in a ban from Discord (after a warning) with the offending player remaining on their team through the current season:

  • Being excessively annoying to others in any chat channel
  • Using excessive profanity
  • Being overly vulgar
  • Continued posting of off color or offensive memes or GIFs (that don’t violate terms for an immediate ban)

The following infractions will be dealt with on a case by case basis:

  • Sharing of specific game settings or game plans with other teams
  • Sharing of DMs or other private messages without the approval of the commissioner

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