Newcomer’s Classic Top 5 Performers

David Roy · March 26, 2019

With Season 4 officially underway, the newcomers showcase is the place to be. All of the top newcomers to the league are placed on two teams and set to battle it out. With that being said, some unexpected things can occur in that game. Here are my Top 5 newcomers based on the Army-Navy newcomer game.

#5: Joe Kane

Despite starting off the game on the wrong foot, Kane had a great game. He came in clutch when his team needed him to and delivered not just one overall touchdown, but three! His inner strength to overcome his first half failures led him to a successful second half. He is one player to watch out for in the upcoming season.

#4: Jackson Stone

Who could forget that moment where it seemed like Navy might just turn things around? That moment, of course, was when Jackson Stone picked Jose Bueno’s ball and returned it for Navy’s first score of the game. Along with four tackles, Jackson Stone could make for a real killer on defense this year.

#3: Micah Myers

Micah Myers had a superb performance at the Army-Navy newcomers game! He stood strong in big moments which allowed his team the opportunity at a win. His nine tackles, along with his size, made him a monster on the field. Watch for him on defense this year!

#2: Lord Helix

Lord Helix had an outstanding game! He had a total of eight completed passes including the last second game winner! With that power on a team this season, Helix could be a force not to be reckoned with. Make sure to watch him this season.

#1: Jose Bueno

SURPRISE! With the performance of Jose Bueno, how could he not be number one on this list? Bueno won the game for his team throwing thirty four complete passes for a total of three hundred and seventy seven yards! His running game was amazing too with 9 carries for forty two yards. A complete beast on the field, Bueno is the top player from this years prospects. Keep an eye on him this season.


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