Meet the Team: Tennessee

Redria · April 15, 2019

Our Beat Writer has been hard at work and has gathered some information on a number of your favorite Tennessee players on some questions that fans are burning to have answered! Unfortunately, a large number of members on the team declined to comment.

The Questions are:

  1. What is your Major?
  2. Obtainable Goal for the Season?
  3. Lofty Goal for the Season?
  4. Favorite Video Game?
  5. Favorite Food?
  6. Random fact about yourself?
  7. Best Album Ever Made?
  8. Best Movie Ever Made?
  9. Cats or Dogs?


Dewey Ainge



Major: Communications (wants to go into broadcasting)

Obtainable Goal for the Season: Back to back titles

Lofty goal for the season: Winning player of the year

Favorite Video game: NBA JAM

Favorite food: Buffalo wings

Random Fact about himself: Born and raised in Oregon, but grew up hating the Ducks

Best album ever made: Chronic 2001 by Dr Dre

Best Movie ever made: The Rocky Series

Cats or Dogs: Dogs


Cutter McGillicuddy

Wide Receiver


Major: Undecided

Obtainable Goal for the Season: 100 receptions

Lofty goal for the season: OPOY

Favorite Video game: Don’t play video games

Favorite food: Irish Stew, hate potatoes

Random Fact about himself: Just moved here from Ireland

Best album ever made: Ed Sheeran – X Album

Best Movie ever made: Braveheart

Cats or Dogs: Dogs


Donny Kazee

Running Back


Major: Pre-Med

Obtainable Goal for the Season: 1000 rush yards / 500 receiving yards

Lofty goal for the season: 1500 rush yards / 1000 receiving yards

Favorite Video game: GTA

Favorite food: Ramen Noodles with cut up hotdogs

Random Fact about himself: I ate my twin in the womb

Best album ever made: Sublime – 40oz to Freedom

Best Movie ever made: The Usual Suspects

Cats or Dogs: Dogs


James Mitchell

Defensive End


Major: Mechatronics Engineering

Obtainable Goal for the Season: 15 Tackles for a loss

Lofty goal for the season: 12 Sacks

Favorite Video game: The Division 2

Favorite food: Sushi

Random Fact about himself: “I have been shot at over 100 times”

Best album ever made: Off the wall by Michael Jackson

Best Movie ever made: Not Easily Broken

Cats or Dogs: Dogs


Buster “Bam Bam” Bates

Strong Safety


Major: “Hitting wide receivers”

Obtainable Goal for the Season:  Back to back Championships for the Vols

Lofty goal for the season: Defensive player of the year

Favorite Video game: “Anything where I hit people”

Favorite food: Steak “The More Bloody the better”

Random Fact about himself: “I was almost kicked out of school my FR year for getting into too many fights because I like to hit people. Dad signed me up for boxing and football so then I was allowed to hit people.”

Best album ever made:  Anything by Johnny Cash

Best Movie ever made:  Pitch Perfect

Cats or Dogs: Dogs


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