Redria · April 17, 2019

Our Beat Writer has been hard at work and has gathered some information on a number of your favorite Iowa players on some questions that fans are burning to have answered! Unfortunately a large number of members on the team declined to comment.

The Questions are:

  1. What is your Major?
  2. Obtainable Goal for the Season?
  3. Lofty Goal for the Season?
  4. Favorite Video Game?
  5. Favorite Food?
  6. Random fact about yourself?
  7. Best Album Ever Made?
  8. Best Movie Ever Made?
  9. Cats or Dogs?


Joe Kane



Major: Pre-Med

Obtainable Goal for the Season: Lead team to Bowl Win

Lofty goal for the season: OPOY

Favorite Video game: NCAA 14

Favorite food: Pizza

Random Fact about himself: Loves to drink bourbon

Best album ever made: Honky Tonk

Best Movie ever made: Tommy Boy

Cats or Dogs: Cats


Avery Jordan



Major: Kinesiology

Obtainable Goal for the Season: Beat my rushing record from last year

Lofty goal for the season: OPOY

Favorite Video game: Red Alert 2

Favorite food: Sushi

Random Fact about himself: I’m ambidextrous

Best album ever made: Fight EP by Death By Unga Bunga

Best Movie ever made: Godfather pt. 2

Cats or Dogs: Dogs


Marcin Oleśniewicz

Outside Linebacker


Major: Dual major Plumbing and Particle Physics

Obtainable Goal for the Season: 8 Sacks/TFL. Just get the ball down behind the LOS!

Lofty goal for the season: Freshman All-American

Favorite Video game: FIFA

Favorite food: Potatoes

Random Fact about himself: I don’t know what the ś in my name means. I just think it looks fancy.

Best album ever made: Doesn’t have one

Best Movie ever made: Tie between Die Hard 1 and 3.

Cats or Dogs: Dogs


Neal Mason



Major: Child Development

Obtainable Goal for the Season: All American

Lofty goal for the season: All American / Csfl championship

Favorite Video game: Assassin’s Creed

Favorite food: Tacos

Random Fact about himself: Played lacrosse in high school

Best album ever made: Jay Z Reasonable Doubt

Best Movie ever made: Boondock Saints

Cats or Dogs: Cats


Braxton Audman Jr



Major: Broadcast Journalism

Obtainable Goal for the Season: 30 tackles

Lofty goal for the season: 7 interceptions

Favorite Video game: NBA 2k19

Favorite food: Steak

Random Fact about himself: I was born Friday the 13th

Best album ever made: Doesn’t have one

Best Movie ever made: Benchwarmers

Cats or Dogs: Dogs


Othello Jones

Free Safety


Major: Biochemistry

Obtainable Goal for the Season: Top Defense in League

Lofty goal for the season: Defensive Player of the Year

Favorite Video game: Madden

Favorite food: Thai Food

Random Fact about himself: I log all the miles we travel as a team

Best album ever made: DAMN- Kendrick Lamar

Best Movie ever made: Harlem Nights

Cats or Dogs: Dogs


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