Meet The Team: Texas A&M

Redria · April 17, 2019

Our Beat Writer has been hard at work and has gathered some information on a number of your favorite TAMU players on some questions that fans are burning to have answered! Unfortunately, a large number of members on the team declined to comment.

The Questions are:

  1. What is your Major?
  2. Obtainable Goal for the Season?
  3. Lofty Goal for the Season?
  4. Favorite Video Game?
  5. Favorite Food?
  6. Random fact about yourself?
  7. Best Album Ever Made?
  8. Best Movie Ever Made?
  9. Cats or Dogs?


Ace White

Defensive End


Major: Business

Obtainable Goal for the Season: Only lose 3 games

Lofty goal for the season: Win the natty

Favorite Video game: Super Smash Brothers

Favorite food: Soul Food

Random Fact about himself: Has 15 tattoos

Best album ever made: Doesn’t have one

Best Movie ever made: Avenger movies

Cats or Dogs: Dogs


Jimmy Tickle                  



Major: Dance

Obtainable Goal for the Season: Help TAMU become a respectable program

Lofty goal for the season: Bowl game

Favorite Video game: Dance Dance Revolution

Favorite food: The thing that the TAMU chef mascot is holding

Random Fact about himself: I work as a backup dancer for Usher when my schedule permits

Best album ever made: Jock Jams volume 1

Best Movie ever made: Footloose

Cats or Dogs: Dogs


Walker Mills      



Major: Sports Management

Obtainable Goal for the Season: Less than 10 INT’s

Lofty goal for the season: Offensive Player of the Year

Favorite Video game: MLB The Show 19

Favorite food: Lasagna

Random Fact about himself: Played in the Little League World Series

Best album ever made: Blueprints by Wage War

Best Movie ever made: Miracle

Cats or Dogs: Dogs


Sky Taylor                 

Free Safety          


Major: Computer Science

Obtainable Goal for the Season: lead the nation in tackles or interceptions

Lofty goal for the season: Win Best Defensive Back Award

Favorite Video game: Madden

Favorite food: Pizza

Random Fact about himself: “I have so many tattoos I lost count haha”

Best album ever made: Good Kid, M.A.A.D City

Best Movie ever made: Juice

Cats or Dogs: Dogs


Zay Manning                    



Major: Computer science

Obtainable Goal for the Season: 3-6 picks

Lofty goal for the season: 13-14 picks

Favorite Video game: NCAA 14

Favorite food: Sushi

Random Fact about himself: I’ve been to 7 different countries

Best album ever made: The platinum collection by Queen

Best Movie ever made: Indiana Jones movies

Cats or Dogs: Dogs


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