Redria · April 17, 2019

Our Beat Writer has been hard at work and has gathered some information on a number of your favorite Texas players on some questions that fans are burning to have answered! Unfortunately a few of members on the team declined to comment.

The Questions are:

  1. What is your Major?
  2. Obtainable Goal for the Season?
  3. Lofty Goal for the Season?
  4. Favorite Video Game?
  5. Favorite Food?
  6. Random fact about yourself?
  7. Best Album Ever Made?
  8. Best Movie Ever Made?
  9. Cats or Dogs?


Ray “Voodoo” Tatum                   



Major: Sports Analytics

Obtainable Goal for the Season: 3000 passing yards

Lofty goal for the season: National Championship

Favorite Video game: Goldeneye

Favorite food: Pizza

Random Fact about himself: Decline to State

Best album ever made: The Colour and the Shape -Foo Fighters

Best Movie ever made: Any Given Sunday

Cats or Dogs: Dogs


Geaux Bamba               



Major: Business Information Systems

Obtainable Goal for the Season: 4.5k All-Purpose Yards

Lofty goal for the season: That OPOY trophy on my mantle

Favorite Video game: Old School RuneScape

Favorite food: Anything from Chef Hong’s food trailer

Random Fact about himself: Investigated by FBI for illegally burning and reselling CDs at age 10

Best album ever made: Good Kid, M.A.A.D City

Best Movie ever made: The Sandlot

Cats or Dogs: Dogs


Scooby Lewis                 

Wide receiver       


Major: Graphic design

Obtainable Goal for the Season: 10 Touchdowns

Lofty goal for the season: 1000 receiving yards

Favorite Video game: NBA 2k

Favorite food: Pizza

Random Fact about himself: Was a 3 sport athlete in high school

Best album ever made: Better off Dead III

Best Movie ever made: Fast & Furious

Cats or Dogs: Dogs


Vincent McCoy                   

Wide receiver        


Major: Petroleum Engineering

Obtainable Goal for the Season: 1500 yards

Lofty goal for the season: 20 TDs

Favorite Video game: The Sims

Favorite food: Pizza

Random Fact about himself: Award-winning ballet dancer

Best album ever made: Carter 3

Best Movie ever made: Top Gun

Cats or Dogs: Dogs


Jackson James                  

Tight End        


Major: Communications

Obtainable Goal for the Season: Finish top 10 in catches

Lofty goal for the season: Lead the league in receptions

Favorite Video game: Never played any

Favorite food: Steak

Random Fact about himself: I ride Rodeo in the off season

Best album ever made: Ropin’ The Wind – Garth Brooks

Best Movie ever made: Friday Night Lights

Cats or Dogs: Dogs


Jaxson Morrow                

Middle Linebacker      


Major: Business and Marketing

Obtainable Goal for the Season: Only lose once

Lofty goal for the season: Win the national title

Favorite Video game: Call of Duty BO2

Favorite food: Pizza

Random Fact about himself: I used to wrestle

Best album ever made: Death race for love

Best Movie ever made: Star Wars

Cats or Dogs: Dogs


Jalen Davis                 



Major: Business

Obtainable Goal for the Season: 10 ints

Lofty goal for the season: Winning a championship

Favorite Video game: Madden 19

Favorite food: Pizza

Random Fact about himself: I play basketball better than football

Best album ever made: I Don’t listen to music

Best Movie ever made: Avengers Infinity War

Cats or Dogs: Dogs


Jimbo Smithers                   



Major: Engineering

Obtainable Goal for the Season: 100 tackles

Lofty goal for the season: DPOY

Favorite Video game: Hitman 2

Favorite food: Steak

Random Fact about himself: My little league team played in the Mid-Atlantic Regional in 2017. I hit a grand slam in the winner’s bracket finals which is one of the best moments of my life.

Best album ever made: Get Rich or Die Tryin’ by 50 Cent

Best Movie ever made: Doctor Strange

Cats or Dogs: Dogs


Zackary White                 



Major: Business

Obtainable Goal for the Season: Win the conference title

Lofty goal for the season: Earn All American Honors

Favorite Video game: GTA

Favorite food: Pizza

Random Fact about himself: i’m currently a college freshman

Best album ever made: Lil Uzi Vert vs The World

Best Movie ever made: London has Fallen

Cats or Dogs: Dogs


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