Meet the Team: Washington

Redria · April 22, 2019

Our Beat Writer has been hard at work and has gathered some information on a number of your favorite Washington players on some questions that fans are burning to have answered! Unfortunately, a large number of members on the team declined to comment.

The Questions are:

  1. What is your Major?
  2. Obtainable Goal for the Season?
  3. Lofty Goal for the Season?
  4. Favorite Video Game?
  5. Favorite Food?
  6. Random fact about yourself?
  7. Best Album Ever Made?
  8. Best Movie Ever Made?
  9. Cats or Dogs?


Ron Dayne Jr                



Major: Underwater basket weaving

Obtainable Goal for the Season: Lead nation in rushing

Lofty goal for the season: National Championship

Favorite Video game: Halo

Favorite food: Sushi

Random Fact about himself: Didn’t like football when I started

Best album ever made: “Get Rich or Die Trying” 50cent

Best Movie ever made: “Friday Night Lights”

Cats or Dogs: Cats


Eric Langston                 

Middle Linebacker      


Major: History

Obtainable Goal for the Season: To lead my team in tackles

Lofty goal for the season: To win Defensive Player of the Year as a Freshman

Favorite Video game: Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater

Favorite food: Hamburger

Random Fact about himself: Got to meet my Idol Jack Lambert at a football camp in high school

Best album ever made: The Colour and the Shape

Best Movie ever made: Top Gun

Cats or Dogs: Dogs


Derrick Gray                

Tight End      


Major: Computer Science

Obtainable Goal for the Season: Win the Championship

Lofty goal for the season: Win OPOY

Favorite Video game: Madden/2k

Favorite food: Mexican food

Random Fact about himself: “When I lose to a team, I win with one of their girlfriends”

Best album ever made: Better off Dead III

Best Movie ever made: Dr. Dre- 2001

Cats or Dogs: Dogs


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