Week Three: Auburn v. Texas A&M Preview

David Roy · May 9, 2019

Last week, Auburn and Texas A&M were both on the good side of blowouts. Auburn handled Notre Dame with ease, holding the Irish to only 14 points. Texas A&M routed Washington, just a week after the Huskies decimated Ohio State. With the two-headed monster in Walker Mills and Jimmy Tickle, Texas A&M looks to regain the same energy they had last week.


Auburn has one of the most talented team’s the CFSL has ever seen. Griffen Jelkic has been doing what he needs to do to take Auburn to the promise land. Halfback Billy Carter has been excelling in this offense. He has 412 yards, second only to the running back on the opposing team tonight, Jimmy Tickle. Defensively, Auburn is stacked. Their secondary consists of three 5-stars, Jesus Kitchens, Ollie P. Peters, and Rian Chambers. With this much talent, you expect many teams will struggle to pass the ball against them.


After being completely rebuilt from a season ago, the Aggies are looking like a team that is able to take home the natty at the end of the season. With the aforementioned two-headed monster, this TAMU offense is one of the best. Tickle is producing at rates that had seemed impossible. He is averaging nine yards a carry and does not look like he is slowing down. There is nothing really flashy about this defense. Game in and game out they get the job done, allowing only 24 points per game.


HB Jimmy Tickle vs OLB Micah Myers

Jimmy Tickle has come onto the scene guns a blazing, setting the league on fire with his electric nine yards per carry. If Auburn wants to stay in this game this whole defense, while in particular Myers, need to step up to the plate.


With a lot riding in this game, Auburn will find ways to put up points while holding TAMU, Auburn wins:

Auburn 31, Texas A&M 28


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