Tyler Hoyt · June 26, 2019

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NEW BRAUNFELS, Tex — The Collegiate Football Simulation League announced a new league schedule and the addition of a six-team playoff for future seasons. The league’s current season will be reduced from 11 games to eight while their current bowl season will be replace by a six-team playoff system. The changes will take affect with the league’s upcoming season (Season Five).

The decision to reduce the league’s schedule from 11 to eight games is intended to heighten interest and provide more seasons for it’s players in a calendar year.

“The shorter season will add more meaning to each game,” said commissioner Mike Peters. “That along with the expanded playoff format will create an unrivaled sense of urgency with each game. We’ll also be able to complete four full seasons in a year which will be exciting for our users.”

The CFSL used a four-team playoff in their first season but abandoned it for the more controversial bowl system the next season. The return to the playoff format will give more teams a chance at winning a championship. More teams in the playoff also means more teams staying engaged longer throughout the season.

“We noticed our viewership bottomed out around Week 8,” said Peters. “We wanted to give our users a reason to stay engaged all season. We believe these two changes will create a level of season long excitement not seen in other leagues.”

The CFSL’s new eight-game schedule will see each team face the five other teams in their conference each season. They will also play three games each season against teams in the opposing conference. The non-conference games will be set up on a three-on, three-off rotation which will alternate from season to season.

Season Five of the CFSL is scheduled to kick off July 12, 2019.


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