Week 11: Washington vs. Oregon Preview

Lil Ball · July 4, 2019

This is the game of the week for Big 10 fans. This game will almost definitely decide who will win the Big 10. Will it be Oregon? Oregon needs to win this game to keep their title hopes alive. Will it be Notre Dame? Notre Dame needs Washington to win so they have a shot. It will all be settled tonight!


The only previous match up between these two squads was in Season 4 where Oregon fought Washington in Autzen Stadium. That match up had Oregon winning 42-35.


The Huskies have had a lot of success this season on offense. Quarterback Doug Ohle is largely responsible for this change. He has led his team to several wins. Alongside him in the backfield is running back Ron Dayne Jr. Recievers Matty Rose and Lord Helix help out. Also recieving is TE Derrick Gray.

Defensively, the Huskies stand out. The key to success in football is scoring more than you get scored on. With a net score of fifty one, one looks to the defense as the reason for the success. One thing Washington does well is creating opportunities in the backfield. In Washingtons secondary is Erik Lamgston, Kalu James, Austin Johnson, Freddy Petty, Bradly Knox, and Dejounte Wilson. Also on this star defense is Tichard Bradley.


When you think of Oregon, you think of the great offense. Quarterback Devonta Cribbs has been consistent all year, throwing for 2935 yards and rushing for 279. What’s even more impressive is the 68.8% completion rate. The struggle for Cribbs this game will be trying to overcome what happened last game. Joining him in the backfield is Speedy Love. Love has rushed for 1074 yards and nine touchdowns. King Twizz, Dijon Swann, Coty Betts, and Humphrey Wells are the weapons outside for this Oregon team.

On defense, Jack Frost has had an amazing year on defense. With his 3 interceptions, he is sure to make a difference tonight. Alongside him on the defense is Thor Odinson, Israel Cassius, Locky Downington, Shane James, and Noah Lopez who account for 253 tackles! Oregon’s defense is currently ranked 2nd in takeaways.


The key to tonight’s game will be 3rd downs. Oregon’s offense ranks 2nd to last in 3rd down conversion rate with 39%. Washington allows a 45% 3rd down conversion rate. The real test will be who’s rate will improve.  


Washington QB Doug Ohle vs Oregon FS Jack Frost

Frost made a name for himself with his ability in the backfields. He stops plays when nobody else could. Ohle, on the other hand, is known for his breakout plays. Can Frost stop Ohle? Or will Ohle continue to make these plays?


Both of these teams are in for a fight. On one side of the ball, you have to find a way to keep building your record and on the other side, you have to find a way to get back in it. For Washington to win, they need to limit Devonte Cribbs and play sound defense. For Oregon to win, they need to get their offense rolling and create turnovers on defense. This matchup is a big one and I am taking Oregon in this game. Look for the Ducks to create havoc in the secondary and for Cribbs to supply a couple of touchdowns. Oregon wins by 7. 35-28.


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