Each Team’s Biggest Transfer

BMillz · August 14, 2019

After an exciting offseason of transfers many big players find themselves on new teams heading into season 5. To prepare you for the new season here is the biggest name to join each team.


When a CFSL great such has Eric LeClear graduates from your school it creates an immediate need at that position. To fill that hole Auburn acquired former TAMU Standout Sky Taylor. The 5 Star Free safety will be entering his sophomore season and will look to do much of the same he did in his freshman season where he held down the Aggies defense. He will join an already Elite Auburn secondary joined by the likes of LaRoi Sanders, Rian Chambers, and Ollie P. Peters.




After winning the championship DJ Moss announced his intentions to enter the draft after his junior season. Although Turnover-prone Moss has been a elite QB in this league from the day he entered and replacing his production would be no small task.  Enter Javon Mack, former OPOY. He brings many of the same talents that Moss did to the table and will look to continue Clemson’s winning tradition.




Iowa last season was rebranded to Florida so while they all did technically transfer I will be excluding any player who spent last season with Iowa. Kingston Fox was a recruit but he will find the talented Nick King as one of his top throwing options. The 4 Star sophomore Wide Out from Michigan will be a premier receiving option for this offense in the Swamp.




Miami began this offseason with a blank canvas. Halfway through the first day of the portal they made their biggest splash acquiring 5 Star WR Nick Bagg. The former Tennessee stud has already shown he is a premier receiver in the league. If he and Sophmore QB Jose Bueno can form a connection they may be able to light the league on fire. He is joined by fellow 5 Star receivers Maximilian Mack and King Twixx.




After losing the aforementioned Javon Mack to Clemson it seemed as if all Hope was lost, verteran signal-callers don’t grow on trees after all. That is until Season 3 Champion Dewey Ainge came to Ann Arbor giving them an established winner at the QB position. 



Notre Dame

Albert Saenz never found himself in the spotlight while in the crowded receiving core at Florida State. Now after joining the fighting Irish it looks like he will be the top option for freshman QB Leo Asiata. 




Oregon will show off its new feature back in Jimmy Tickle. The Star Running Back from TAMU was phenomenal in his freshman season. Now in a new conference with new teammates everyone is ready to see what he will do.



Penn State

Jimmy Tickle’s running mate was the equally explosive Walker Mills. One of the better running Quarterbacks of last season he headlined the Aggies ground attack with his ability to break off long runs.




Ray Conley stayed in the Lone Star State as he moved from Texas Christian to Texas. Joining the potent passing attack that gave Ray Tatum an OPOY award Ray Conley will make an immediate impact. 




Jared Tetonis is considered by some to be the GOAT. Anytime you can add a GOAT type player to your team you are doing something right and that’s exactly what TCU did with their addition of legendary receiver Tetonis this offseason. He immediately becomes their premier weapon and can pick right back up from last season because he is joined by His previous Quarterback James Kovach.




Washington added most of their new players in recruiting but they did add one player through the Transfer portal. Jace Rosser played his freshman season at Auburn but after a lack of targets left for Washington. Now he’s one of Ohle’s new weapons. 


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