Week One: Ohio State vs. Miami Preview

Grinch311 · August 14, 2019

Tonight we have two teams squaring off as Ohio State takes on the Miami Hurricanes, with both looking to start season 5 with a bang. Both teams have a lot riding on opening night for them. Miami is the new comer on the block, while Ohio state is hoping they can return to the top of the Big 12 with a solid core from both sides of the ball from last season. Who will show they want it more and get there seasons of on the right foot.


The offense for Ohio State, which leaned heavy on the run last season, has to show that they are more than a one headed monster this year and expand on just that attack. With now sophomore quarterback Xavier Garcia-Allen (XGA) having a season under his belt as the leader and a new play book at his disposal he needs to open up the air show with talented wide outs and new tight end Jacob Flores. This will open up both him and Carlson to be the wreaking that he is in the running game when needed. If those two things come together tonight it will be a long game and uphill battle for the Canes.

As for the defense this is a talent rich squad from last season lead by player of the year candidate safety Kevin Brackett. Along with him and their two lock down corners in Juan Cantu and Tom Pence and linebackers Martavis Marriott and Scottie James. The Sharks will be out in force and hungry to prove that they are the best defense in the league.


Miami has a four headed monster of their own by way of transfer. Quarterback Jose Bueno, halfback Speedy Love, and receiver King Twixx all transferred into Miami. Receiver Maximillian Mack also brings some added artillery to the perimeter. Ohio State’s Defense better come ready to play and not overlook this offense or they may get a replay of last years season opener against Washington. Can Bueno show some of that magic from both his passing and running that impressed at times at Notre Dame. He is the straw that will get the express rolling.

The Miami defensive side of the ball is just as talented as Ohio State, but have played together yet and will have to prove they can gel. They have a nasty secondary with safeties LaQuarius David, Lamont Terrier, and Buster Bates that can cause anyone nightmares. If they can stop XGA from opening up the passing game, then things could get interesting and the Canes will show that they are here to contend in the SEC.


QB Jose Bueno vs. Ohio State Secondary

This one is easy Bueno versus the Sharks. If Land Sharks boys get to him offend then they are in the drivers seat for a week one victory, and if not Miami could roll and leave Ohio State feeling the same at the end last season looking up early.


Miami’s new to the league, and Ohio State has proven a fierce rushing tandem is present in Columbus. However, the problem lies in the air attack. How balanced will this Ohio State offense be? More importantly, though, is whether or not this Miami offense can find a way past the Buckeye defense. Honestly, it should be a close game, and a low-scoring one at that. All leading to an Ohio State victory.

Ohio State 24, Miami 21


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