Week Three: Oregon vs. Miami Preview

David Roy · August 29, 2019

The Ducks and the Hurricanes is shaping up to be interesting. Oregon is coming off a win in overtime from a week ago. Miami, like Oregon, is coming off an overtime win of their own. Difference is, Oregon settled theirs in one. Miami, it took them a few trips around the block before claiming victory. That means, tonight will be close.


The Ducks have seen quarterback Devonta Cribbs look pretty incredible as far as his progress from the pocket. He’s been helped by halfback Jimmy Tickle making plays. Tickle knows how to rack up yards, and as a result he can keep Cribbs clean. That means receivers Dijon Swann, Coty Betts, and Williams Cope each can have nice games, and tight end Davonte Lawson has been getting in on that action as well.

Defensively, the Ducks are in position to slow down the Hurricanes. Linebacker Joe Clark Jr. and safety Shaka Black are generating some impressive plays. They’re in position and often find themselves making stops. Problem is, they need a little more help. They added safety Demetrius Culver to the secondary, which is perfect because Miami aired it out heavily a week ago.


The Hurricanes survived a week ago. Jose Bueno, as far as quarterbacks go, aired it out heavily a week ago. Halfback Speedy Love needs to step up his play in order to take some of the pressure off Bueno. Although, receivers Nick Bagg, Maximillian Mack, and King Twixx all have been able to make the important plays to keep Bueno out of trouble. I just don’t think Miami wants to keep rolling the dice that way.

The Miami defense struggled against the Nittany Lions last week. And now, they have to face Jimmy Tickle. Defensive tackle Colby Randon and linebackers Justin Thyme and Jesse Horrigan are all going to have to slow down the rushing game. Fortunately, they don’t have to do it alone. Safeties LaQuarius David, Lamont Terrier, and Buster Bates are all capable of slowing down the rushing game.


Oregon is going to attack via the rushing game, and that puts pressure on Miami’s defense. We’ve yet to see Buster Bates play in the same fashion he did in Tennessee. The Hurricanes need that safety to reappear tonight. He can more than slow down Jimmy Tickle, otherwise, we could see a repeat of last week.


Oregon is going to live on the rushing game tonight, opening up the lanes for Cribbs to strike through the air to his impressive receivers. Jose Bueno is going to have to come up with plays, both through the air and on the ground. Speedy Love is going to have to up the ante tonight, and in doing so Miami can be balanced enough to keep Oregon’s defense on it’s toes. And that should keep things close.



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