Week Three: Texas vs. Michigan Preview

David Roy · August 29, 2019

The Longhorns and Wolverines are squaring off, each at the end of their non-conference line. The Longhorns had a strong start, but stumbled the following week. So now, sitting at 1-1, they want to get back in the win column. Michigan is just trying to get into the win column for the first time this season. They’ve had a tough time of adjusting, both from the roster and the scheme. Now, they’ve got to figure out how to pull of an improbable upset.


Quarterback Ray “Voodoo” Tatum. He didn’t turn the ball over last week, but he did throw three touchdown passes. Receivers Scooby Lewis, Ray Conley and tight end Jackson James all know how to create major plays. Vincent McCoy does too, although he was notably absent a week ago. He needs to step it up to get the Longhorns back on track, and it would probably help if halfback Tarraj Walker can reach 100 yards on the ground tonight.

Linebacker Howard Cook has impressed although safety Jimbo Smithers has had a tough time looking impressive, at least by his standards. That being said, Smithers is in position to big night, and that means guys like Tayshaun Thompson or Zachary White are going to have to up their play, in order to keep up.


Quarterback Dewey Ainge and halfback Adam Croft have had a tough time adjusting to life in Ann Arbor. Ainge has had his bright spots, but unfortunately they haven’t translated to wins. Receivers Cutter McGillicuddy, Giorgio Pipino, and Darwyn Garcia have been able to help Ainge out, and each being rewarded well. Tight end TJ Walker has been stepping up, but he’s going to have to help out the running game too.

Linebackers Jake Lake and Ty Palmer have been playing well for the Wolverine’s defense. In fact, defensive end Jay Washington has been playing pretty well too. Likewise, corner Joshua Priest Jr. has been able to lockdown opponents, but has not quite been able to have the burst in the return game that he’s used to. He’d like to turn that around.


The Wolverines have got to come up with major plays. That means this offense has got to generate some shots downfield, and the defense needs to generate turnovers. Oh, and a kickoff return for a touchdown courtesy of Joshua Priest would really help these Wolverines get back on track.


Look, I want the Wolverines to be as successful as the next guy. Unfortunately, they might be a little over-matched. I give kudos to Ainge, but I doubt that he can match pace with Ray Tatum. If Tatum gets full of steam, then the Wolverines defense could have a tough time stopping them. And that means Ainge is in for a firework-filled night. He’s going to have to in order to keep up.



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