Grinch311 · September 2, 2019

Another week, another set of takeaways. Here you are.


Clemson is 3-0 after week three and look to have not lost a step from last seasons national Championship stride. Some thought Washington might be the team to bring them back to earth, but surprise surprise they found a way to come back and win. That way happened to be the arm and legs of Javon Mack. The transfer south seem to have suited him well and the Tigers are prospering from it. On the other side is Washington the Big 10 power is now sitting at 1-2 with conference play starting this week. They need to turn around a few things to stay at the top of the food chain, but if any team can it the Huskies.

Mike Chadwick


Speaking of 3 and 0 that would be the boys from Columbus. The only concern was how would they perform in a close game against a high powered offense? Well they answered that question. They were in a dogfight with the Gators in a wet one and match them with answers to every thing they threw at them with big plays by Xavier Garcia-Allen on offense,Tom Pence on special teams, and the Sharks on defense. If anyone had doubts about this team, well they are for real and the Big 10 better take notice. Up next is Penn State a team that knows all about upsets and are looking to be the ones on the winning end of things.


Notre Dame was on the giving side this time for Penn State’s headache and it’s was named Joe Pantoja. Robert Davis did all he could by putting up 152 yards and 2 touchdowns, only to be out done by Pantoja with 2 rushing, 2 receiving, and 1 kickoff return for touchdown for 5 in total. Superman effort. New week, same result for the team in blue and white. With OSU lucking in the future it doesn’t look like it is going to be any better either, but as mentioned in number 2. Penn State loves to be the upset kings.


If week 3 showed us anything its that the SEC is stacked again. Clemson gets no room to breathe too easy, because Texas, Auburn, and Miami are right on there heals. Both the Longhorns and Tigers ripped through Michigan, and TCU like a knife through butter making there games look rather easy. Texas put up 480 yards of offense and zero turnovers, which has Ray Tatum and the rest go the team all smiles. Even more impressive was the total team dominance by War Eagle on both sides of the ball. And last but not least was Miami holding on in there shootout with the Ducks. Hows does Devonta Cribbs put up 6 total touchdowns and not win the game? It’s Jose Bueno putting up 6 of his own and showing the world why he transferred to The U. All three of these teams will be pushing the Tigers all year long and one conference lose could be the difference for conference title and playoff positioning.

Jesus Kitchens


If asked at the beginning of the year that Michigan, TCU, and Penn State would be win-less after three weeks I would have said you’re crazy, but here we are. Penn State lost a close one, but the other aforementioned teams were rocked in their week three match ups. Even worse they are all three in the last three spots in both offense and defense. They all have proven that they can turn things around and with conference play starting for everyone this week it can happen. They all badly need a win next week and it isn’t going to be any easier with OSU, Clemson, and Washington all on the horizon. Could it be a little brighter for them after there games? We will have to see.


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