Week Five: Oregon vs. Michigan Preview

Grinch311 · September 11, 2019

Tonight we have two teams heading in different directions so far this season. The Wolverines are hoping for some home cooking and to get into the win column after a heart breaker loss last week. While the Ducks want to keep pace with Ohio State and a top spot in the Big Ten. Something will have to give as each team will try to impose there will on each other. Grab your popcorn because this one could be a shoot out.


Quarterback Devonta Cribbs has continued his torrid pace and leads the country is passing efficiency. Dijon Swann, Williams Cope, and Cody Betts will be looking for big outputs this week also against the last ranked Michigan defense. Last but not least is the machine runningback know as Jimmy Tickle, who put up 151 yards and 4 touchdowns against ND last week and you throw in TE tight end Davonte Lawson this could be a nightmare of a game for the Wolverines and a happy night for the Ducks offense.

Defensively, corners Arik Austin and Kai Markston patrol the air but may have there hands full with a team that put up 609 yards passing last week. If anyone is up to the challenge though its these two guys. Joe Clark Jr. will anchor the rest of the defense who have a total of 7 takeaways so far this season. This defense does not give up much rushing to the opposing team so it looks like they will strive to make Michigan one dimensional tonight, With that I like there chances a lot.


Don’t let the record fool you, Michigan is better than their record shows. This is an offense that can put points on the board and quickly. Quarterback Dewey Ainge threw for and amazing 609 yards last week and 5 touchdowns against a solid Washington defense and looks to finally found his footing with the offensive scheme. A replay of that performance could prove to be all the Wolverines need for their first victory of the year. If that wasn’t though enough for the Ducks this week its will be trying to figure out who to key on. Wideouts Cutter McGillicuddy and Giorgio Pipino are coming off record games and then there is also tight end TJ Walker who had 150 yards recieving of his own. The key may just be if Michigan can get Adam Croft going to open up this air attack. If he can get going then all bets are of for an easy night for the Ducks.

The Wolverines do have a lockdown corner in Joshua Priest, but he will need help from the rest of his secondary mates to have a chance at slowing down the High Flying Ducks. Look for linebackers Jake Lake and Ty Palmer to also be busy trying to stopping Tickle and Jay Washington trying to put Criggs on the ground in the backfield with sacks. This will be a tall order but playing at home does make a deference and will help calm those nerves.


This could be an even bigger shoot out than last weeks Washington Michigan game. The high flying Ducks offense is what it is and it is scary. They can kill you both on the ground and in the air with Cribbs and Tickle, pick your poison, but either way they are a force to be recon with. With that said the Ducks know its not going to be easy to shut down the arm of Ainge either. If the Wolverines can come up with some big plays and limit the damage that Oregon can produce then there is a chance they end the night with a win. If not well their hopes at the playoffs may be over.


As much as I want Michigan to get the W at home, it looks like they may just be too over matched against this Oregon squad.



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