Grinch311 · September 13, 2019

Another week of great games and answers from weeks prior. There’s also even more questions, but plenty of takeaways.


This defense really is this good and can it get even better. Notre Dame welcomed in the Buckeyes with what they thought would be their kryptonite in the form of their Irish Wrecking Ball Joe Pantoja. Well, that didn’t work out to well with The Sharks holding him to only 69 yards rushing and 9 stops being tackles for loss. Option number two was The Man Child Leo Asiata who hadn’t thrown a pick all season long. Result two interceptions with one being returned for a touchdown by Tom Pence. Up next is Oregon and possibly there toughest test so far. Could Kevin Brackett, Martavis Marriott,and company be the best defense ever in CFSL history? Only time will tell.


Not to be overshadowed by Ohio State is The Clemson Tigers. They not only beat Miami, but they looked good doing it at times. Clemson’s defense had a monster of a game. Lead by 3 sacks from Mike Miller alone, and a total of 6 as a team. Add in twelve tackles for loss and an int this defense lead by linebacker Jack Tyler and safety Barry Allen can boast that they are the best defense in the land. The Hurricanes came in with a game plan to limit Javon Mack’s arm, which opened up a big night for Mike Chadwick who had 170 yards rushing and a touchdown. The Tigers are the defending champs and look like they are course to be in the Big game again this year. Lost in this game was the one man show known as Jose Bueno who amassed 370 yards passing and 3 touchdowns which kept the Canes close for a while, but in the end the Tigers are just too good and where too much for Miami to pull out the win.


Yes Michigan, TCU, and Penn State are still winless. All three of these team are much better than there records show and no one knows it better than Washington, Texas, and Oregon. Michigan couldn’t hold on in a shootout with The Ducks that could have gone either way in the end. Together both offenses put up 923 yards of total and at moments the Michigan defense gave Devonta Cribbs fits with 4 picks of him. In the form of Washington versus Penn State it really was just a case of stick to what you do best and that’s run the ball. Quarterback Walker Mills and halfback Robert Davis combined for 337 yards on the ground but without much of a pass attack it allowed for Huskies Erik Langston, Bradley Knox, and Digger Graves move up closer to the line and between the 3 of them they totaled 41 tackles alone. Doug Ohle was the nail in the coffin with 357 yards passing and 5 total touchdowns. Speaking of nails was the Battle for Texas. Ray “Vodoo” Tatum was in his normal form with 373 yards passing and a total of 4 touchdowns and halfback Tarraj Walker pumped in another two of his own. For TCU QB James Kovach and receiver Jared Tetonis seem to have finally gotten on the same page, but Texas is just that good and will be chasing Clemson all year.

4. the siege in the swamp

The Auburn Tigers came into The Swamp looking to role the reeling Gators and ended up finding themselves in a real for fight. At the end of the first half it looked like we where en for an old fashion defensive struggle, but as the 3rd quarter started the offenses woke up a bit. The two man battle was fun to see between quarterbacks Kingston Fox and Griffin Jelkic as both used the arm and legs to will there teams to victory. Jelkic had 234 yards passing and 46 yards rushing with 3 touchdowns to Kingston’s 264 yards passing and 72 yards rushing. On paper you would have thought it would be enough for a Gator victory, but in the footsteps of Defense wins games Linebacker Mark Calloway and Safety Ollie Peters where on fire with 21 tackles combined, & for loss, and 1 pass defensed. End the end Auburn’s defense reminded us that Murderhouse is still alive and well and they will have something to say with who wins the SEC.

Micah Myers


To take a line from a baseball commercial, “everyone loves the longball”. Well this was the week of ” you have to love defense”. While the Quarterback, halfback, and receivers get all the glory the defenses where on fire this week. How is this for some stats: tackles for loss 82, sacks 25, and last but not least turnovers 11. That is salty if you ask me for the week 5 defensive performances. With names like Marriott, Brackett, Calloway, Graves, Allen, and Smithers all having big games this week just to mention a few. Offenses need to take notice that most the wins this week where due to outstanding defensive performances. In one game alone we had a corner intercept 2 passes and almost a 3rd with a crazy pass defensed, one of which was returned for a touchdown. In another we had one player record 17 tackles,exciting if you ask me. If you didn’t already know the top two defenses just happen to be the only two undefeated teams left. Also the two teams trailing them are the next two best defenses. In closing hail to the guys who get to do the hitting for once and thank you for an entertaining week of football.

The playoff picture is starting to take shape, both for the SEC and the Big Ten. And while for one conference things may appear clear cut, we’re still a ways away from conference play being over. If the playoffs began today then Ohio State, Oregon, and Washington would be in, with Notre Dame on the outside looking in. The SEC is a bit more muddled, but Clemson, Texas, and Auburn – due to having one more conference win than Miami despite losing to them a week ago – would be those playoffs team. In fact, Miami would be the team on the outside looking in. But the playoffs are far from being set in stone. Auburn and Notre Dame are the only teams who are more than halfway through their conference schedule, and with Auburn precariously occupying third place in the SEC and Notre Dame on the outside looking in for the Big Ten, these next two weeks are crucial for both teams. And really, each conference is still in open season, but the clock is against a few teams.


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