Week Six: Florida vs Clemson

BMillz · September 18, 2019

The defending champs take on one of the two new schools added to the CFSL. The Gators and Tigers will face off in Death Valley. Clemson and Florida are currently at opposite ends of the poll; Clemson is undefeated in conference play (and regular season play), while Florida has yet to win a conference game.


The Gators, while only having won one game, have lost 3 games by less than one score. They are a much better team than their record gives them credit for and that is largely do to Kingston Fox. He is already a elite playmaker and pairing him up with one of the leagues top RBs in Avery Jordan is almost unfair. To add to that Fox has a deadly receiving core that consists of WR Darren Pegues, WR Nick King, and WR Cole King. Add in mid season addition TE Jonathon Taite and you can tell this offense has some players.

Defensively Florida is very well balanced. Mohammed Dmour has been one of the best at getting to the QB this season. LBs Xavier Halle and Martin Olesniewics will have to focus on stopping this Clemson run game. Meanwhile Corners Dakota Wolf, Chaz Gorbachuk, and Deandre Walton and Safeties

Othello Jones and Elliot Wells will have to lock in on this passing game all night.


Mike Chadwick had a monster game last week as He rushed for 170 yards. Javon Mack is still a monster at QB. He steadies the tigers offense and is able to always keep it moving. Keith Blazer has been torching teams all season. Anthony Robertson III as been a monster on special teams as well as in the receiving game. Even after those two receivers teams still have to deal with Jay Moe who is Javon Mack’s safety option on almost every drop back.

DE Money Mike Miller continues to rack up the sacks while LBs Kobe King and Jack Tyler irradiate anything that survives Miller. Andrew Fuller, Dionte Bing, and Barry Allen are all elite defenders who patrol the secondary for the tigers and make up the rest of one of the most formidable defenses in the league.

What to watch for

Javon Mack vs Xavier Halle

Javon Mack is going to run the ball and if the Gators want a chance to win this they will need to have someone there to stop him. Xavier Halle gives them the best chance at this. The 5 Star Freshman LB is a immediate difference maker for this defense and they will lean on him heavily to tackle this option offense.


Clemson 38, Florida 27

Clemson’s new run heavy offense was deadly against Miami. In its 2nd game it may get even better. Florida has to make sure this isn’t the case. If Florida is unable to stop Mack, Chadwick and Co running the ball then it will be a long night for the Gators.


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