Week Six: Michigan vs Penn State

Grinch311 · September 19, 2019

Let’s throw out the team records for this game, because both these team are better than their current ones and someone is getting a W tonight. The Battle of Blue will take place at Penn States friendly compound of Beaver Stadium and the fireworks will be out tonight.

Penn State

Stick with what you know. The running game of the Nittany Lions is one of the best in college football. Both halfback Robert Davis and Quarterback Walker Mills are top Three in the country in rushing and this should be the focal of the there game plan. Put the ball and there hands and dare Michigan to stop them. No one else in the country has been able to and only a hand full of teams have slowed them down. Pound the rock baby.

Defensively its plain and simple find a way to stop one of the hottest passing Quarterbacks in the country. This will fall squarely on the defensive leader and one of the best safeties in the country in the form of Aiden Berry. He is going to need help from both corners Winston Schmidt and Harper Allen, but with the limited running game of the Wolverines as of late they may only have to focus on that one thing.


On the other side of the spectrum you have the air power of the Wolverines. Dewey Ainge is locked and loaded and will be slinging missiles to his speedy group of Cutter McGillicuddy, T J Walker, Giorgio Pipino, and Darwyn Garcia. Look out Lions this could be an air strike you wont like.

Defensively you only have to say play tight. The Boys in maize and blue need to hug the line and play the receivers tight. Jake Lake and Ty Palmer do your thing tonight and Michigan gets the win. Plan and simple.

What to Watch For

Penn State’s war hammer of a running game vs Michigan’s squadron of a passing game. The team that imposes there wills most wins this game.


Michigan 38, Penn State 17

Too much passing for the lions to stop sorry Penn State.


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