Week Seven: Penn State vs Oregon

Grinch311 · September 26, 2019

Two teams heading in two different directions is the story for tonight’s match up between Penn State and Oregon. The Ducks are looking to rebound from last weeks thriller against Ohio State and lock up a playoff spot. While Penn State is still looking for there first win of the season. Let’s come out swinging.


Ok I’m going to say this for the last time. Run, run, and run. This team has the one of the top backs in the country in Robert Davis and he can do this all day long. Feed him the ball and throw it a little bit Mr. Gomez and company. Not to be overshadowed is the best running quarterback in the country in Walker Mills and in the words of Forrest Gump “he was running”. They are what they are and you don’t have to apologize for it. Line up and dare the Ducks to stop you. If Penn State will go at it this way they will win. Plain and simple.

Defensively, the anchor is safety Aiden Berry, a mad man on a mission to stop the high flying Ducks. He is the leader on this side of the ball and will have the rest of the team pushing to shut down Oregon tonight. Sacks and pressures will be a premium and have to be the focus for the game plan to work. Speaking of pressure it will also be on the shoulders of corners Winston Schmidt and Harper Allen. They have to show up tonight.


The Ducks are stacked, plain and simple. They have the number two quarterback in the country in the form of Devonta Cribbs the heart and soul of the quack attack. Behind him is the a runner that also spends time catching passes also in Jimmy Tickle who just put up some bug numbers against Ohio State last week. You add in the pass catchers on this team and it is almost impossible to stop them. They are one of only two teams to average over forty points per game and to add to that average over five hundred yards of total offence. A completely balanced squad.

The Oregon defense has struggle at times all season. They are near the bottom of the league in points allowed but they do follow that bend but don’t break philosophy. Both safety Shaka Black and corner Arik Austin will need to make some big plays for the Oregon defense. They haven’t been great against the run which plays into the favor of the Nittany Lions. This team can get stops when needed and if Penn State decides to pass, Oregon may make them pay for it.


Will Penn State play to their strength and run the ball all night? If they do that the first win of the season is theirs. If not Oregon takes one step closer to clinching the two spot in the Big Ten.


Oregon is just that much more talented for Penn State to be unable to keep up.

Oregon 35 Penn State 17


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