Grinch311 · October 2, 2019

We go into tonight’s clash of the titans with both teams playoff hopes on the line. Just a few weeks ago it looked like Oregan and Washington were a lock for the playoffs, and now the winning team is in and loser looks to be on the outside watching. With that said it should be fireworks as both have high powered offenses that can move up and down the field at will. Don’t blink you might just miss something.


There is no dought that the Huskies may still be hurting from the pounding they took last week at the hands of Ohio State. With that said it will be on the shoulders and arm of the one and only QB Doug Ohle. Ranking third in the country in passing and having the receiving corp of Kayode Imani, Jace Rosser, and Lord Helix, the Huskies will lace them up and give Oregon all they can handle. Throw-in senior RB Ron Dayne Jr. who is one of the best running backs in league history you should have the power to pull it out tonight.

On the defensive side safety Digger Graves is the unquestioned leader of a squad that torched last week. He will be fashioned with the job of righting the secondary and making sure the night isn’t easy for anyone looking to catch a pass tonight. The defensive line has two studs anchoring it by the names Richard Bradley and Raekwon Dong. Both are sack monsters and will make it tough not on to get any passes off but to put any yards on the ground. There is a reason they are one of the top four defenses in the country and don’t think it will be a cakewalk for Oregon tonight.


The Ducks have the talent to match anything that Washington can throw there way and it starts with QB Devonte Cribbs. As not only a prolific passer, Cribbs has the ability to keep the ball and pick up chunks of yards with his feet. He will be looking to lead his team to a must needed victory. To do that an electric receiving group of Dijon Swan, Williams Cope, and Coty Betts. These guys can fly. Not to be left in the shadows is Oregon’s own top RB Jimmy Tickle. Man, he can flat out play and if you think shutting down the passing game leads you to victory. Forget about it Jimmy will break your heart and your ankles as he runs right past you.

What to say about this defense. How about senior-laden and they don’t plan on having this be there last game of the year. Both Linebackers Joe Clark Jr and Joakim Grant will focus on Mr. Dayne, while Shaka Blank and Demetrius Culver will dare to be thrown on. One mistake and both these guys can pick you and take it to the house.


This is one of those games where both these teams are mirror images. It is going to be who does not make the mistake and cost them a chance at the playoffs. Ron Dayne Jr. versus Jimmy Tickle will be the matchup I’d be watching, the one with the better game will be the one who takes the pressure of the passing game. We all know if this happens then there teams in and the others out.


Who has the ball last? That will be what everyone will be looking for and most likely is the team to win.



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