Grinch311 · October 3, 2019

Tonight’s first game pits two teams that would like to go out with a win. While TCU lost its last game, Penn State is on a one-game win streak. Both teams have been in most of their games and with a couple of breaks here and there, this could have been a possible game with playoffs implications. The expectations for both teams tonight show the world who we really are.


The boys from Fort Worth Texas travel north to send off one of the greatest wideouts in the game Jared Tetonis on a high note. Over his career, he has pilled up 4591 yards receiving and 38 touchdowns. Although this season hasn’t produced many touchdowns, he is still one of the tops in receiving yards and can burn you at any time in the game. Quarterback James Kovach and runningback Koda Adok add to the dynamic on offense and will be looking to put up points in bunches. Toss in WR Bill Volk and TE David Collins, the Nittany Lions defense will need to stay on their toes.

The crew tasked will slowing down the ground attack of Penn State will be DT DJ Donald, DE Jabril Jackson, And DPOY candidate MLB Aaron Davis. If they can accomplish this then a win is in the books for the team from the South. If not this could be a long night and a long quite flight home for the Horned Frogs.


Two names that keep any defensive coordinator up at night, Walker Mills and Robert Davis. RB Davis leads the nation in rushing, while QB Walker Mills is third trailing him by only thirteen yards per game rushing. Many have a game plan to shut them down, but just ask Oregan how well that worked out. The tandem totaled 338 yards rushing and three touchdowns on the ground. Penn State will mix in the pass at times and TE Robert Gomez has become Mill’s favorite target lately. If the Boys in Blue stay to the game plan and run heavy this should be an easy one for them.

Although Penn State doesn’t have one of the highest-ranked defenses in the country they do have one Aiden Barry, one of the best free safeties. Berry is one of those guys that can not only play the pass but is able to come up and help out stopping the run.


The Penn States defensive secondary against James Kovach. Plain and simple Kovach can sling the ball but he also is prone to turning it over. If he can keep from doing that then this should be a close game, but if not then it will be a short field for Penn State and trouble for TCU.


Nitney Lions running game is all we have been talking about because it is that good and that hard to stop. Tonight will be no different.

Penn State 28 TCU 17


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