Season Six Preseason AD Poll

HornsNation05 · October 31, 2019

Congratulations to the Texas Longhorns on their impressive season five championship! The ADs were polled after recruiting to get an idea of predictions for season six!

As with last season, the ADs of each team were asked a couple of questions for this upcoming season. The questions were:

Who had the best offseason?

Season six preseason team rankings.

Who will win the season six championship?

Who will finish last in season six?

Let’s take a look at the answers.

Who had the best offseason?

Auburn Tigers

No surprise here. The Auburn Tigers were voted unanimously as the team that did the best during this offseason. Major additions included HB Robert Davis, FS Digger Graves, and FS Bubba Bullard. These three players already add to an impressive championship runner-up team and Auburn should have no issues reaching the title game again. Some have already stated in League Chat that the SEC is Auburns to lose. High expectations surround this club and only time will tell if this team can match those expectations.

Season six Preseason Team Rankings

1. Texas Longhorns

2. Auburn Tigers

3. Ohio State Buckeyes

4. Clemson Tigers

5. Notre Dame Fighting Irish

6. Miami Hurricanes

7. Michigan Wolverines

8. Oregon Ducks

9. USC Trojans

10. Alabama Crimson Tide

11. Florida Gators

12. Nebraska Cornhuskers

Not much of a surprise to see Texas on top as half of the ADs voted them as the number one overall team going into season 6. Coming off a national title, questions were raised on if Texas can have the same success with a new QB under center in the form of Walker Mills. Auburn and Ohio State both come in at a close two and three seeds and you can make an argument that either one of these three teams can be ranked number one. Coming in fourth is the Clemson Tigers, the most successful team in the past three seasons. Clemson also breaks in a new quarterback in Will Slay and returns the majority of their top defense. The Irish come in fifth with new additions in freshman Vidar Lund and transfer Aaron Davis. Miami, Michigan, and Oregon come in at 6-8 with newcomer USC at the nine spot. Alabama, the other new team, rounds out the top ten. Florida and Nebraska round out the rankings.

These predictions will likely change as the season goes on as Nebraska looks like the dark horse in the league for the playoffs, in my opinion. Ohio State will also likely look to continue their regular-season winning streak with a date against Notre Dame in week one. Auburn and Texas both face-off in Atlanta for a massive SEC opening game.





Talk about two teams that would love to play each other, both Auburn and Ohio State finish at the top of the list for a championship season in season six. Auburn crushed recruiting while Ohio State would love nothing more than to revenge their loss in the playoffs to Auburn. Can either team match the hype? Ohio State and Auburn are the early favorites.





Listen, no team wants to find themselves last in the league at the season’s end. The memes and jokes are endless and it hurts the ADs in recruiting. This season the ADs predicted that Nebraska would finish last with Florida a close second. Nebraska drastically improved this offseason and will likely focus on the run game with the number one HB recruit, Dowdy Dowell. An improved defense should help these Cornhuskers reach new heights in an open Big Ten conference. Florida, however, will have a tough task in the SEC as they bring in a new quarterback in Matthias St. John. Freshman Wyatt King leads this defense that will look to improve after last season.

So those are the predictions as voted upon by your ADs. What do you think? Do you agree? Take to league chat and let’s get fired up for this upcoming season six, the best one yet!


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