Way Too Bold Predictions for Season Six

David Roy · November 19, 2019

Every season, league chat is filled with bold proclamations by players and teams. Well, I’ve got a few bold proclamations I’ve own, but I’ve gotta warn you, these are really bold, and really out there, so let the trash talk commence. Enjoy!


Now, I get what you’re thinking, the team that won the championship last season can’t possibly miss the playoffs the following season, but hear me out. Walker Mills is not Ray Tatum, meaning it may take the Longhorns a few games to get things figured out. In that time, Auburn should be able to climb the ranks (they face each other week one). And if Auburn is my national championship pick, then who else gets in. Clemson should be able to return, even with a freshman at quarterback in Will Slay. So, that final team to make it over Texas? Alabama. Their roster is impressive, but I’ll expand on them later. All that being said….


Walker Mills’ time in Penn State has given him a bad wrap, but he’s actually a better fit for what Texas started doing with Tatum last season. A quarterback who can move, and given a fantastic cast, means that Mills can make some noise. It’ll take a few games for him to find receivers Ray Conley, Scooby Lewis, and Lord Helix consistently, but once he starts clicking, he’ll rack up numbers. I anticipate Mills will throw anywhere between 10 and 15 touchdowns, and what he doesn’t score through the air, he will on the ground. So how can a quarterback put up these kinds of numbers, yet miss the playoffs entirely? To be honest, I think Texas is going to find themselves in some close contests late, and Mills has not had a lot of experience in those kinds of situations, meaning he may turn the ball over at some inopportune moments late, leading to Texas dropping some crucial matchups.

Nebraska makes the playoffs, michigan does not

To be fair, I think Nebraska is the Big Ten’s three seed. They’d be a first round exit, but I anticipate they’ll get in. I imagine they finish .500 and keep Notre Dame, Oregon, and Michigan out of the playoffs. Now, how would that work and how does USC get in? Well, I anticipate the Nebraska-Michigan matchup will be that deciding factor, with halfback Dowdy Dowell keeping opening passing lanes for one James Kovach at the quarterback position. That combination should be able to help get Nebraska in.


USC and Alabama will make the playoffs, let that claim sink in. Now, admittedly, I like USC’s chances a lot better, but that doesn’t mean Alabama can’t do it, it just means their road is more difficult. That said, I like the roster they’ve built and I like the experience their staff brings to the table. Quarterbacks Balion Siege and Kingston Fox will set their respective conferences ablaze, rushing and passing, and we’ll see some incredible performances from both. Which has me taking this bold prediction one step further. Alabama and USC will face each other in the first round of the playoffs this season.


Am I saying the semi-final matchup from last season is what we’ll be treated to in the National Championship game this season? Why yes, yes I am. The Big Ten has improved, but Ohio State has kept their core intact and then upgraded the wide receiver position, with guys like Cosmo Woods and Bill Simons entering the fray.

By that same token, Auburn hasn’t had to do much other than reload, and they just need to figure out how to be dialed in with consistency to be able to run the gauntlet and recapture their magical playoff run from a season ago. Halfback Robert Davis replaces Billy Carter and safety Digger Graves replaces Rian Chambers. Add that to the defensive line talent and Auburn will be fierce.

Which makes them the perfect “Goliath” for Ohio State to topple for a trophy.


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