Week One: Oregon vs. Clemson & Ohio State vs. Notre Dame

Grinch311 · November 25, 2019

Tuesday’s games have a playoff rematch from last season and a key conference game that may have playoff implications right out the gate. Up first is Oregon vs. Clemson and wraps up with Ohio State vs. Notre Dame. All teams involved want to start the year off with a win so this should be a great night of football action.


The Ducks are a team that didn’t have much turnover in the offseason. Their offensive core is intact With quarterback Devonte Cribbs, halfback Jimmy Tickle, and receivers Dijon Swann and Wilbur King Jr. We all know they can put up points in bunches. The key question for Oregon is the defense. Safety Shaka Black is one of the best in the country, but vaunted freshman defensive end Anthony Richardson will need to come up big for Oregon to win.

Clemson didn’t have much change either this year from last, but the one they did have was massive. Gone is the leader and heart and soul of this team and enter quarterback Will Slay. As he goes is as Clemson will go. Running back Mike Chadwick will be leaned on heavily until Slay can get his feet under him. The defense is stacked and will keep the Tigers in most games. Names like linebacker Jack Tyler, corner Harper Allen, and safety Barry Allen will be clicking like always. Throw in freshman defensive tackle Bill McAllister and the Orange Crush defense will make it a long night for the Ducks.

Oregon 24, Clemson 28


The Buckeyes are the favorites to win the Big ten, they return quarterback Xavier Garcia-Allen, and All-American halfback Frost Carlson. The key adds for this team that the didn’t have last year is the receiving corps of Cosmo Woods, Bill Simons, and Marcus “Big” Buford. Throw in senior wide receiver Lawrence Lexington and you no longer can worry about just the running game of Ohio State. The defensive side is what it is and that’s the “Sharks”. They smother you and cause you to make mistakes. Now they have added three more to that already scary side of the ball in linebackers Andrew Flores, Rob Money, and safety Mozzy Chang Jr. It may be a long night for the Irish.

The linchpin for the Irish is returning quarterback Leo Asiata, one of the best in college football. Gone, though, is halfback Joe Pantoja, a staple for Notre Dame and a wrecking ball. Freshman tailback Vidar Lund is heavily vaunted and comes with a lot of hype. If he brings the goods, then the Irish attack should be just fine. On defense, though, it’s hard to replace two of the best in CFSL history in Tyrell Solo and Shane Razorback. Linebacker Aaron Davis is a recent transfer from TCU and the Irish have added safety Minkah Solo, linebacker Shoto Pence, and corner Johnathon Greene. There will be a learning curve for the incoming freshman but adding that kind of talent should keep the Irish in this game.

Ohio State 35, Notre Dame 21


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