Week Eight: Oregon vs. Nebraska & Florida vs. Miami Preview

BMillz · January 30, 2020

A wild regular season ends tonight as we wrap up rivalry week. The first game of the night sees Oregon heading to Nebraska for a B10 matchup against the Cornhuskers. The Night will end when Florida heads down to Miami to play the Hurricanes.

Oregon vs. Nebraska

The Ducks are led by their high-powered passing attack. Quarterback Devonta Cribbs has the third most passing yards on the season and receiver Dijon Swann is having one of the best seasons we’ve seen from a receiver in recent memory. Tight end Max King leads his team in receptions and has been a reliable target all year. Jimmy Tickle has seven rushing touchdowns this season and will look to add more against the Cornhuskers defense. The first thing you see when you when you look at this defense is Anthony Richardson. He has six sacks in his freshman season and it looks like he is only getting better. Fellow freshman Cai Brummer has been a standout safety for this squad and along with safety Shaka Black helped turn this defense into a group that allows opposing offenses only a 43% conversion rate on third downs.

Nebraska signal-caller James Kovach, along with several other teammates, will his last game of his collegiate career today. His favorite target receiver Blaze Gunner still has many games left to play and that’s a good thing. Gunner has 798 receiving yards to go along with seven receiving touchdowns. Defensive end Jabril Jackson is one of the aforementioned players suiting up for the last time. He has had 5 sacks this year which brings his career total up to 33. Safety Stokely Ferdinand and linebacker Mika Raikkonen have been everywhere this year. The two have combined for 120 tackles.

Final: Oregon 45, Nebraska 31

Florida vs. Miami

Florida heads into this looking to stay undefeated all-time against Miami after winning their first meeting against their inner state rival last season. Tailback Avery Jordan also wants to go out with a bang in the last game of his collegiate career. He is coming off of a 216 yard rushing performance against Alabama. He will need some help from quarterback Mathias St John. St. John has shown all the natural talent in the world in glimpses but lapses of poor decision making have held him back. Wide receiver Darren Pegues is a fellow senior, like Jordan, and will want to come out on top. The Gators defense is a very young unit and all of their stats on that end of the ball have many seasons ahead of them. Defensive end Mohammad Dmour has a whopping 10 sacks on the season while his teammate linebacker Wyatt King has 62 tackles.

The ‘Canes Defense statistically is one of the better ones in the league. Safeties Perry Pennel and Buster Bates are both in the top ten in tackles while linebacker Justin Thyme has another 44 himself. Corner Joe Kerr has been an Swiss Army Knife type player for this team. He is responsible for covering receivers, returning kicks, catching passes, and even taking some snaps at halfback. Quarterback Jose Bueno has had a rough year having only thrown 9 passing touchdowns heading into this game although he has rushed for 7 more. Receiver Nick Bagg continues to play at an elite level. He and Swann are the only receivers with no drops on over 20 receptions this season. He also has four receiving touchdowns and 470 receiving yards.

Final: Florida 24, Miami 21


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