CFSL Season Six All-Americans: Offense

David Roy · February 18, 2020

Due to sheer volume, we’ve broken down the All-Americans into two separate articles. One for offense and the other for defense. In this article, we’ll be discussing the All-Americans on the offensive side of the ball and will cover defense and special teams separately.

QB: Dewey Ainge, Mich

Ainge led the CFSL in passing yards this season, and was one of very few quarterbacks to throw more than 20 touchdown passes this season. Ainge was also one of just two quarterbacks to put up over 3,000 passing yards this season and was the only quarterback to throw more than 30 touchdown passes this season. Ainge has been an impressive quarterback for the majority of his time in the CFSL and this season was representative of a true gunslinger, and it showed in his stats, and in the All-American voting.

HB: Frost Carlson, OSU & Joe Pantoja, bama

The two leading rushers of the CFSL helped guide both their teams to the playoffs. Unfortunately, both wound up being exited after just one game, but even then their regular season accomplishments cannot go understated. Both Carlson and Pantoja eclipsed 1,000 rushing yards and as it turns out, both finished their seasons as All-Americans. They were the two battering rams, the bulldozers of the league, and we can only wonder who will fill the shoes of these two powerhouses.

WR: Georgio Pipino, Mich; Blaze Gunner, Neb; Dijon Swann, Ore

The wide receiver position often comes down to consistency and production. All three of these receivers did exactly that. Gunner was a highlight machine, both as a receiver and a returner. Pipino was consistent, improving upon his previous season, but Swann was a different animal. Swann was both consistent in making plays, and the plays he made were big. Despite not getting nearly enough targets, Swann had a string of big games that left him a yard shy of 1,000 receiving yards this season. All three were deserving All-Americans.


It makes a lot of sense that when you have a quarterback at All-American, you’d also be likely to end up an All-American yourself. That’s the case with Walker, who was highly targeted down the seams for this season. 52 catches, 562 receiving yards, and five receiving touchdowns throughout the season. Given the weapons at the disposal of Ainge, these numbers are really exceptional and Walker made several big plays downfield for the Wolverines this season.


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