Game Predictions Review: Week 1

BMillz · March 23, 2020

After one week of predictions by our CFSL Panel, let’s look back and see how we did.

Auburn 54, USC 38

Of our 8 panelists this week 4 picked Auburn and 4 picked USC. The closest win predicted was Auburn by 17 which was made by HornsNation. Auburn went on to win the game by 16.

Ohio State 41,  Texas 47

Every single writer ended up taking Texas and almost all called for a two-score win. Texas and Ohio Stats was close until the end though so OKST’s prediction of a 3 point win was the closest.

Florida 27, Nebraska 21

Three panelists sided with Florida as the majority took Nebraska. Jimbo correctly guessed the final score but couldn’t get the winners right. WKXT85 predicted a 7 point Florida win.

Notre Dame 13, Miami 34

Six Panelists took the Fighting Irish in this one. Of the two who took Miami, one was their one AD and the other was Jimbo who predicted a 13 point Miami win.

Oregon 41, Michigan 31

Only one of our panelists took Michigan and the ones who took Oregon were very different in their answers. Three called for wins of more than 17 points while the others largely predicted the game being decided by 3 to 4 points. Nighthawk’s prediction of Oregon 41 to Michigan 34 proved to be the most accurate of the night.

Clemson 37, LSU 44

Most didn’t anticipate this game to be very close which is a huge testament to how well Clemson played this game. The Closest prediction was once again Nighthawk who has LSU winning 35-28.

FSU 21, Alabama 31

Floria State took the majority of the panelists. Three stuck with Alabama after their solid season last year and of those three OKST’s prediction of Alabama 34 to FSU 24 was the best.

PANELIST Standings

1. Hornsnation (6/7)

T2. OKST (5/7)

T2. Jimbo (5/7)

T2. BMillz (5/7)

T5. WKXT85 (4/7)

T5. Russell (4/7)

T5. Grin (4/7)

8. Nighthawk (3/7)


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