Week Two: LSU vs Texas Preview

HornsNation05 · March 23, 2020

LSU and Texas square off for the first time in their history! Both of these teams are joined together by their ADs who were once coaches at LSU. Can the understudy topple the master? Or will HornsNation continue his undefeated streak against his former pupils? Lets see what the panel has to say!


LSU 28 Texas 32

This could be an old fashioned shootout, but I think both these teams defenses will have it turned up for this one.


LSU 27, Texas 42

Three players will define this game. Scooby Lewis, Lord Helix, and Ray Conley are the three of the 5 best receivers in the entire league. All three are nigh un-coverable and that will hold true tonight. Each goes for 120* and Texas rolls on to a 2-0 start.


LSU 41, Texas 42

This is one of my most anticipated games for the entire season. Russ vs Horns is one of the top game-planning matchups that the league can ask for. I think it’s a toss-up with a tiny edge to Texas after what I saw from Denny last week. Texas already proved they can handle the B1G schedule with a convincing win over OSU last week, while LSU has a chance to instantly cement themselves as an SEC contender with a win over the Longhorns.


LSU 120-150, Texas 0

On average a tiger usually has 120 to 150 stripes on its whole fur. However; this number may vary from tiger to tiger because some tigers have lesser stripes while others have stripes that are so thick that they are merged with one another and look like big black patches. Longhorns have 0 stripes. Easy win for the Tigers.


LSU 45, Texas 42

Despite the win, LSU looked sloppy down a lot of times on defense last week. I think they will come out with different energy this game and get some key stops in a close game. I expect Jojo Tidwell to have a really huge game and be Gage Youngblood’s favorite target.


LSU 41 Texas 38

Two of the top-scoring offenses after the first-week clash in an SEC vs B1G matchup and expect more fireworks in this one. The Youngbloods came to play for LSU in week 1 and Scooby Lewis and Ray Conley seem to be able to gel with any quarterback the Longhorns throw out there. Turnovers will play a key in this one and I got the LSU defense forcing at least one and that being the difference in this game.


LSU 34, Texas 37

LSU is back? Maybe for week one, but Texas is not Clemson. Expect an all-out brawl with the game being decided in the final minutes.


LSU 34, Texas 41

If I have to believe in one defense, which after week 1 how could you believe in any of these team’s defenses, I am going with Texas to get a couple stops. Both offenses are the best so far in the CFSL in my opinion. Edge to Texas slightly in this contest.


LSU 42, TEXAS 45

The heads of these two programs have been successful for a while now, and as they stare each other down the question will become, likely, which team has the ball last. Which kicker will have more success. My guess? Remy Boudreaux misses on, and the improved Gunner Graham will have no such issues.


Our writers are strongly in favor of the Longhorns claiming victory tonight, with a 6-3 count. How right will they be? Well, guess we’ll all get to find out together at 7:30 PM CST.


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