Week Two: Clemson vs. Auburn Preview

David Roy · March 24, 2020

Week two continues on with an SEC clash in the second Tiger Bowl of the season as Clemson and Auburn square off. Here’s the predictions by our writers.

Tom Pence’s Predictions:

Clemson 14, Auburn 35

Clemson looked good in a close one against LSU, but Auburn is a different monster and looks like a juggernaut. The visiting Tigers will struggle against a dominant Auburn team.

Jimbo’S Predictions:

Clemson 35, Auburn 45

Clemson’s offense will keep pace for a while, but Griffin Jelkic has himself a day and Robert Davis will have himself another 200 yard performance. The offensive prowess of Auburn carries them in the battle of the Tigers.


Clemson 24, Auburn 37

Auburn downright bullied USC last week, Jelkic looked to be in sync with his receivers, and Robert Davis got his 6.2 L warmed up for the rest of the season. Clemson narrowly lost to a talented LSU team. While I’m convinced Clemson is going to have good showings week in and out, Auburn just has way too much firepower and Pack is primed to repeat.

Connor Russell’s Predictions:

Clemson 24, Auburn 38

While Clemson kept things close last week, it’s highly unlikely that they can do the same with a talented Auburn team. Their walk-on tailback looked great, but Calloway should have something to say about his recent success. Not to mention Jelkic is looking like a stud in his final season.

BMillz’S PRedictions

Clemson 27, Auburn 35

Auburn came out hot against USC and looked even better than they did last year. I think they will have a hard time trying to top that performance and against a sneaky, good Clemson team I expect it to stay relatively close. 

NightHawk’s Predictions:

Clemson 31, Auburn 42

Will Slay looked great in the Tigers season opener but they ran into a roadblock that is the defending National Champion Auburn Tigers, who once again showed USC who is boss last week. If Jelkic and Robert Davis keep playing the way they did last week, they could both end up in the player of the year race and Auburn can legitimately go back to back. Auburn will lean heavy on their experienced defense highlighted by Mark Calloway and safety Ollie P. Peters.

Hornsnation’s Predictions:

Clemson 14, Auburn 44

Clemson looked good last week against LSU. Second half struggles led to their downfall. Unfortunately for the Clemson Tigers, it doesn’t get much easier this week against Auburn. Auburn rolls over Clemson and gets their first win against these Tigers.

Jeff Melinyshyn’s Predictions:

Clemson 20, Auburn 42

Auburn put the boot to USC in week one. Clemson played lights out against LSU. Auburn is just too powerful on both sides of the football. This will not be a contest in the SEC. Best complete team in the CFSL to start season seven.


CLEMSON 21, Auburn 38

Call it what you will, the Auburn offense returns to earth or what have you. If putting up 38 can be any semblance of returning to earth for an offense this is it. Clemson will play tough, and Auburn has a habit of letting teams hang around for a little bit, almost like Jelkic is playing with his food before he decides he’s had enough. I anticipate tonight to be similar as Auburn pulls away late.


Perhaps it comes as no surprise that Auburn is the unanimous favorite to win tonight, and after the performance they had against USC a week ago, it’s understandable. The real disparity is on how close this game will be. Some believe Clemson’s close play with LSU last week to be a fluke, others believe Clemson to truly be good enough to hang around. Tonight, we get our answers.


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