Week Two: Oregon vs. Florida State Preview

David Roy · March 25, 2020

Oregon and Florida State have not met each other for a few seasons, and as Florida State engages in their first home opener since season four, the CFSL watches on to see what strides the Seminoles take from their loss last week. Time for those predictions!

Tom Pence’s Predictions:

Oregon 24, FSU 28

Coming off a tough loss last week the Seminoles will look to correct the mistakes and get on the right track against Oregon.

Jimbo’s Predictions:

Oregon 45, Florida State 24

Oregon may have the best offense in the entire league. While they seemed to be slow off the bat, they had to battle the rain. Axton Richardson showed how versatile he is, and will do the same, passing for 300 yards as well as rushing for 150.

HOUSTON FREEMAN’s Predictions:

Oregon 35, Florida State 27

FSU’s offense was hampered by turnovers against Bama last week, but showed promise both offensively and defensively. The potential is definitely there, and this might be a good week for FSU to get aggressive against an Oregon defense that gave up 31 last week. Especially when you consider that the Ducks dropped 41, FSU needs to get some momentum behind their horse in Vidar Lund. The men in 50 shades of Green will take this one dude to offensive firepower and FSU turnovers.

Connor Russell’s Predictions:

Oregon 27, FSU 35

FSU may have lost last week, but their defense should be able to keep Oregon in check without issue. Look out for a bounce back week lead by Lund despite FSU’s lack of passing game. Oregon’s only way to win would be a significant improvement in their run defense.

BMillz Predictions:

Oregon 34, FSU 38

I think this matchup is The most talented offense in the league vs The Most Talented Defense. I think Florida State will be able to handle Oregon’s offense and I think that the Ducks defense will struggle to contain Vidar Lund and Adonis Jackson on the ground.

NightHawk’s Predictions:

Oregon 38, Florida State 31

Florida State’s offense struggled to produce in their return as a CFSL program but their defense looked pretty good. Oregon’s defense looked just as impressive as the ‘Noles defense but the difference was the offense. The Ducks offensive got a big lift from Jimmy Tickle with 3 touchdowns. Both teams have young signal-callers and I expect the defenses to focus on the talented running backs and let these young guys sling the ball a bit. The quarterback who takes better care of the ball and gains confidence quicker will win this one.

Hornsnation’s Predictions:

Oregon 38, FSU 31

Florida State had some struggles against Alabama in their loss. Can those be fixed? Sure but this Oregon team looked really good in their opener last week. The Ducks take this game and send the Seminoles to 0-2.

Jeff Melinyshyn’s Predictions:

Oregon 34, Florida State 21

Oregon showed out against Michigan week one. I expect a great game but Oregon scores late to add insult to injury Oregon will be too much for the Seminoles to handle.


OREGON 31, florida state 35

Tonight should allow us to bear witness to a highly contested matchup, and while Oregon bears a strong offense as far as weapons go, this Florida State defense is superior on a talent level. Likewise, the front seven of the Ducks has some weaknesses that the tag team of Adonis Jackson and Vidar Lund should be able to exploit. Expect a heavy dose of the running game by the Seminoles on their way to victory tonight.


It’s an interesting split among our writers tonight, but Oregon gets the 5-4 advantage from our crew. The majority anticipate a tightly contested showdown, but a few see Oregon making this a double digit game. Those who have sided with the Seminoles anticipate a single digit win margin for the home team tonight.


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