Week Two: Miami vs. Nebraska Preview

David Roy · March 26, 2020

Week two rages on in a clash that many might be surprised by. While Miami looked dominant a week ago, Nebraska showed that they’re capable of performing at an explosive rate, which brings the outcome for tonight into question. Our writers believe they’ve got the answers.

Tom Pence’s Predictions:

Miami 24, Nebrska 14

Nebraska’s Scott Fountain looked electric in a week one loss, but it will be tougher slaying a very good Miami defense.

Jimbo’s Predictions:

Miami 38, Nebraska 23

Marcus Duncan will be the man of the hour tonight. He has the speed and strength to dominate the field tonight and keep up his stats from week one.

Houston Freeman’s Predictions:

Miami 44, Nebraska 24

The Canes surprised me in a pleasant way last week, I’ve always seen a lot of potential in Jose Bueno, but felt like something was missing. That missing piece? Halfback Marcus Duncan. He takes the pressure off the Cocaine Cowboy, and gives Miami more weapons and to be a little more balanced if needed. Nebraska lost a heartbreaker to Florida even with signal-caller Scott Fountain giving it his all. I think the inexperience at quarterback give Miami the edge they need here.

Connor Russell’s Predictions:

Miami 27, Nebraska 31

Watch out, because the rushing tandem of Fountain and Dowell are going to get their first win this week. Miami looks great up the middle and with the landshark, safety Kevin Brackett, roaming the secondary, but not many people in the league can keep up with these two runners. It’s going to be a close one.

BMillz Predictions:

Miami 31, Nebraska 27

Miami had a great defensive showing last week but their defense is more suited to shut down the pass than the run. They are taking on one of the best backfields in the league this game and while I think they will have trouble stopping them Nebraska’s defense won’t be able to keep Miami’s offense under wraps.

NightHawk’s Predictions:

Miami 34, Nebraska 21

Nebraska started off hot in last week’s loss to Florida and freshman quarterback Scott Fountain looked like a real threat, but the Huskers slowed down as the game went on and dropped a winnable game. Miami looked dominant in a blowout win against Notre Dame, which many weren’t expecting. Both of these defenses are serious but I think Nebraska’s numbers are a bit inflated due to their opponent. The Miami defense looks like the best in the league and they have a juicy matchup in Lincoln.

Hornsnation’s Predictions:

Miami 44, Nebraska 32

This game will be closer than many will expect. Miami’s new tailback, Marcus Duncan looked dangerous in the first half but then ran out of steam in the second. The Cornhuskers suffered their first heartbreak in the loss to Florida. This game is about adjustments and the Hurricanes are able to blow through Lincoln.

Jeff Melinyshyn’s Predictions:

Miami 24, Nebraska 27

Miami has to travel in back to back weeks. After pounding Notre Dame into submission, they have to handle an under the radar Nebraska team. Look for this to one of the best games in week 2, goes down to the wire and Nebraska kicks the game winning field goal.


Miami 31, Nebraska 28

Honestly, this game isn’t as straightforward as many suspect. I take what Miami did last week with a grain of salt, but I also understand they’re playoff contenders once again. Nebraska looked good last week, but they’re facing an even better defense tonight and if Miami loads up to stop the run, I don’t believe quarterback Scott Fountain has the arsenal to be able to truly attack this secondary. Still, it’ll be closer for Miami than they experienced a week ago.

The Verdict:

The majority of our writers believe Miami can get the job done in Nebraska’s home opener, with a 7-2 advantage for the Hurricanes and only a select few believe these two teams will be separated by a single possession.


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