Week Two: Florida vs. Michigan & Notre Dame vs. Ohio State Previews

David Roy · March 28, 2020

The week two finale features three Big Ten teams, two of which are going head to head in a crucial clash with massive playoff implications. Here’s what our analysts have to say about this afternoon’s matchups.

Tom Pence’s Predictions:

Florida 21, Michigan 17

The Florida Gators have a nasty pass rush and this will be the difference in this game.

Notre Dame 27, Ohio State 28

The Irish Defense will keep them in this game, but a last minute winning drive should be the difference in this game.

Jimbo’s Predictions:

Florida 27, Michigan 24

Florida comes off a high note after beating Nebraska on a last minute interception. Michigan is a very similar squad to Nebraska. Florida’s halfback Bentley Jones was stellar and was the fan-favorite. People were calling for his MVP. He is looking to prove his goals and his talent this week and will be the X-Factor, as he goes for 150 rushing yards and three total touchdowns.

Notre Dame 31, Ohio State 34

Notre Dame had a rough week against Miami. Leo Asiata looked less than impressive and he is going to rebound tonight. However, Jefferson Allen will come onto the scene and show why he is one of the elite quarterbacks in the league. Allen wins this game for Ohio State.

Houston Freeman’s Predictions:

Florida 24, Michigan 28

We know George Pipino can be electric, and it just seems like when Michigan needs him, he comes through with that break out game. I’ve got the Wolverines chomping the gators with a four touchdown performance from Pipino. 

Notre Dame 21, Ohio State 42

I really thought this was Notre Dame’s year. I’m not writing them off just yet, but I do think Ohio State looks much better on paper. Ohio State put up an incredible fight against Texas a week ago, and essentially lost due to a hail Mary at the end of the first half. I see Ohio State running away with this one, but watch for Notre Dame to rebound next week.

Connor Russell’s Predictions:

Florida 35, Michigan 31

I seem to like the upsets this week. Florida is an underrated team who can really take care of business despite their secondary issues. Michigan should put up some numbers, but watch out for Florida’s offense too. They deserve a little more praise after a 400+ yard performance last week.

Notre Dame 38, Ohio State 27

Just like the team they dominate every year, Notre Dame is back in business this week. Expect the air assault to come out like we all thought it would in week one. OSU has their fair share of question marks on offense that they need to turn into exclamation marks if they want to win this thing.

BMillz’s Predictions:

Florida 24, Michigan 38

Michigan is no longer a team that lives by the arm strength of their QB. They have a much more balanced offense now but they still have the remnants of their receiving corps from last season. Against Florida’s lackluster secondary, I expect them to start letting Tanner Jones throw it a lot and often.

Notre Dame 23, Ohio State 27

Notre Dame had a rough start to their season and I think this Buckeye squad is capable of making it worse. Both offenses will struggle early in this game but I think the Buckeyes have the tools to overcome and help them get their first win of the season.

NightHawk’s Predictions:

Florida 34, Michigan 31

Here is my “upset” pick of the week. Michigan flopped in their season opener against Oregon and Florida battled back and showed grit as they stole a win from Nebraska. I think Michigan is going to be a really good team, but they have a history of starting slow and Florida’s defense looked really good in week one behind Mohammed Dmour, Barkivious Oswald and Dakota Wolf. If they Gators can play that well on defense again, they will find themselves 2-0. Look out for the Wolf vs Pipino matchup!

Notre Dame 41, Ohio State 34

Notre Dame looked absolutely terrible in week one against Miami and internal meetings were had after that game to figure it out so to speak. Ohio State looked strong and challenged Texas all the way until the end, coming up just short. Jefferson Allen had a great debut and Isaiah Fowler looked dominant in the middle of the defense. The Notre Dame defense is very good and with a scheme change, the Irish offense is ready to silence the doubters. Expect a huge bounce back game from the Irish in Columbus.

Hornsnation’s Predictions:

Florida 40, Michigan 30

The Gators survived their first week and faced a tough task against a hungry Wolverine team. Florida needs to make some adjustments but after talking to their AD, it seems like they have what they need to succeed. Florida takes this one early and holds on late.

Notre Dame 28, Ohio State 31

The self-proclaimed season seven champions got rolled over last week by Miami and will need to do some soul searching against a tough opponent in OSU. The Buckeyes hung on with Texas for the majority of the game and Jefferson Allen looks to be the difference maker for that offense. Can the Irish get Swann involved? I think OSU and Jimbo gets their first win of season seven here.

Jeff Melinyshyn’s Predictions:

Florida 31, Michigan 28

Back to Saturday afternoon football, Michigan played outstanding and came up just a tad short against Oregon. Florida showed out against a team that many pegged a possible playoff team. Florida will just edge Michigan by a field goal.

Notre Dame 27, Ohio State 30

Notre Dame got the doors blown off week 1 and looked lifeless. Ohio State played a tough Texas team but came up a stop short of possibly pulling off the upset. Now Ohio State is at home. Notre Dame needs to show some life, Ohio State gets the win in a close battle.

DAVID ROy’s Predictions:

Florida 27, Michigan 31

The Gators went back and forth with the Cornhuskers a week ago, and managed to get the win due to an ill-advised throw by a freshman at QB. This afternoon, many anticipate Florida to be able to get the win, but I’m not sold yet. While the Gators should be motivated, Michigan would like to protect home turf and I suspect they’ll do so in a close one.


Ohio State engages in their home opener after a rigorous battle with the Longhorns and it was a thrilling contest. Their playoff lives continue to be shaped this afternoon by facing a Fighting Irish team that is facing an identity crisis and I’m not sold they’ll be able to resolve it in order to topple a Buckeye team that should be playing with a sense of urgency today.


Our analysts are favoring the Gators this afternoon with a 6-3 split. Meanwhile, the true finale to week two has Ohio State favored 7-2 over the Fighting Irish. Both matchups offer exciting possibilities, but that week two cap has major playoff implications that you need to be paying attention to.


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