Game Prediction Review: Week 2

BMillz · March 30, 2020

After an exciting full week of CFSL action, it’s time to look back and see how our panelists did.

LSU 48, Texas 38

The Verdict: Texas 6-3

The Tigers came out victorious taking three of our writers with them. Nighthawk and BMillz both were 7 points off of the final score with guesses of 41-38 and 45-42 respectively.

Clemson 24, Auburn 31

The Verdict: Auburn 9-0

This came as a surprise to none of the panelists but the size of the defeat suffered among our pickers. Russell and BMillz were both off by 7 points with scores of 24-38 and 27-35.

Oregon 27, FSU 24

The Verdict: Oregon 5-4

Our writers were as split as the game was close. Jeffmel got closest with 34-21.

Miami 37, Nebraska 21

The Verdict: Miami 7-2

This was somewhat anticipated among the panelists. Jimbo and Nighthawk amazingly were both off by only 3 on their predictions. Jimbo picked a 38-23 finish while Nighthawk went with 34-21.

Alabama 28, USC 35

The Verdict: USC 5-4

In of the several games that ended with a single score of separation our panelists once again correctly took USC to win. Grin must have watched the game before the rest of us as his prediction of 28-34 was a single point of the finished product.

Florida 30, Michigan 29

The Verdict: 6-3 Florida

Our writers were not as close as this game was, Two-Thirds correctly picked the Gators. JeffMel was off by two points with a prediction of 31-28.

Notre Dame 47, Osu 48

The Verdict: Ohio State 7-2

Once again our writers were dramatically and mostly correctly split on a one-point game. Jimbo was the closest as he was off by only 30 points (we didn’t do as well on this one) with a score of 31-34.

Writer standings:

1. Horns (12/14)

2. BMillz (10/14)

2. Jimbo (10/14)

4. Grin (9/14)

4. OKST (9/14)

6. JeffMel (5/7)

7. Nighthawk ( 8/14)

8. David (8/14)

9. Russell (7/14)


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