Week Three: Florida State vs. Miami Preview

David Roy · April 3, 2020

CFSL’s Friday Night games have been nothing short of exciting, and tonight poses an other potentially exciting matchup between the Seminoles and the Hurricanes. Our analysts will share just how exciting they expect tonight to be.

Tom Pence’s Predictions:

Florida State 31, Miami 24

I know what you are thinking, the Noles haven’t won a game and Miami is undefeated and one of the best teams in the league. Well, this week Harrell doesn’t miss his one attempt and Florida State pulls off the upset.

Jimbo’s Predictions:

Florida State 31, Miami 34

Florida State will begin to fix their offensive woes, but Miami has all the momentum and it will show, as they out last FSU. Duncan goes for 150 again and cements his place as the premier tailback in the CFSL.

Houston Freeman’s Predictions:

Florida State 2, Miami 3

The battle for crappy Florida… can’t believe we gotta watch 3 of these now… Miami and the Cocaine Cowboy win in a turnover nightmare and the lowest scoring game in CFSL history. Fun fact, Jose Bueno likes to sleep with a Joe Pantoja jersey.

Connor Russell’s Predictions:

Florida State 27, Miami 21

This is the week FSU gets their win against an undefeated Miami team. With an offensive shakeup from FSU, I expect some newfound firepower to be displayed. Still, I can’t count out Miami’s defense with all the talent they have. Close game incoming!

BMillz’s Predictions:

Florida State 27, Miami 31

These two teams are on opposite ends of the standings but in the first Florida bowl of the season should be a very close match. Both teams are built around their backfields and strong defenses. The Hurricanes can come away with the victory by keeping Adonis Jackson and Vidar Lund in check.

NightHawk’s Predictions:

Florida State 21, Miami 31

The Seminoles limp into Miami at 0-2 while the Hurricanes are rocking their opponents and a 2-0 record. Jose Bueno has been fantastic in his senior season and the Hurricanes possess one of the top offenses in the league, but it is the defense that has blown everyone away. Florida State hasn’t quite clicked yet with Adonis Jackson and Vidar Lund and this isn’t the week to try to figure it out. The Seminole defense is talented but their offense has put them in bad spots. Look for Perry Pennel to lead the Hurricanes to another victory as I think Miami is ready to contend for an SEC title.

Hornsnation’s Predictions:


Miami has played very well so far and they look to threaten the big dogs of the SEC. Florida State however has looked lackluster and lost on offense and defense. Miami walks out a winner in this Florida battle.

Jeff Melinyshyn’s Predictions:

Florida State 28, Miami 42

Florida State desperately needs a win soon, sadly it will not come in this matchup. Their offense is averaging 22.5 pts/game Miami is averaging 35.5 pts/game and their defense is giving up just 17 pts/game.



Nothing lasts for ever, including losing streaks. We’ve seen teams start 0-3, 0-4, even 0-5. But the league has evolved, the talent has spread. Miami has looked impressive, but there’s a sense of urgency with Florida State tonight that I just can’t look past. Quarterback Adonis Jackson shows off his speed, and halfback Vidar Lund puts a game together that makes us wonder if he can work his way back into the Offensive Player of the Year conversation over the next five weeks.


Something about the home team seems to appeal to our analysts, as they’ve given Miami the 6-3 nod here tonight. Even so, the majority anticipate a game that will come down to the wire, but just about everybody expects halfback Marcus Duncan to put on a big performance.


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