Week Three: LSU vs. Florida & Nebraska vs. Notre Dame Previews

David Roy · April 4, 2020

Week three is nearing conclusion and there’s no better way than to end it with these two fantastic matchups. LSU and Florida are both seeking to remain unbeaten in an SEC showdown for leverage in playoff seeding, while Nebraska and Notre Dame are looking to get their seasons, and playoff hopes, on track.

Tom Pence’s Predictions:

LSU 28, Florida 24

Both teams sit undefeated and someone has to lose. Florida’s D-line will give The Tigers fits, but in the end the more talented offense will find a way and win a tight defense battle.

Nebraska 21, Notre Dame 31

The Irish offense caught fire in the rain last week and should have won. Only problem is they didn’t and will be taking it out on Nebraska. Look for them to slow the Cornhuskers running game and force some passing turnovers.

Jimbo’s Predictions:

LSU 47, Florida 34

Florida has been one of the most surprising teams in the league. After blazing to 2-0, they have an electric combination of St. John and Bentley. However, they meet their first tough opponent in LSU. I believe LSU’s offense will have their way, Colt will get a heavy load after being underutilized a week ago, and lead LSU to the promise land.

Nebraska 24, Notre Dame 38

Notre Dame finally figures it out. This talented defense sharpens up and allows this potent offense to roll play after play. Swann goes for 200 again.

Houston Freeman’s Predictions:

LSU 42, Florida 38

LSU looks like the team to beat this year as they ride the Texas high. These Tigers actually look scary compared to some others ahem *Auburn*. Look for Florida to make this one competitive especially after adding WR Tyler Wilson to the repertoire. I think the Youngblood duo will just be too much for the Gators however. #GeauxRuss

Nebraska 24, Notre Dame 31

This will be an interesting game to watch simply because both teams are gunning for their first win this season. Notre Dame gave me a lot to be excited about last week when it seemed like the offense got jump started by dropping 48 on Ohio State… just too bad OSU dropped a big 49 on ‘em too. Nebraska on the other hand, seems to be just a game away from getting this team’s strengths figured out. Their first game against Florida was a heart breaker, and last week against Miami still showed promise. Look for quarterback Scott Fountain to still be the x-factor here.

Connor Russell’s Predictions:

LSU 35, Florida 27

There are over 900,000 alligators living on ranches in Louisiana. There is only one Tiger in captivity in Louisiana, and that’s our boy Mike. Since we’re so much better at avoiding capture, we’re also probably better at football.

Nebraska 24, Notre Dame 35

ND needs to find their groove immediately to avoid a lost season. I think they can do it, but the passing game needs to really REALLY get it together this week.

BMillz’s Predictions:

LSU 45, Florida 31

Florida comes into this game boasting the fewest passing yards allowed in the league while LSU through two games has had one of the most productive offenses. Through the numbers this game looks evenly matched until you see that Florida’s games were against Michigan and Nebraska who did most of their damage on the ground. I think LSU will be a completely new test for Florida and I have the Tigers coming out in top.

Nebraska 17, Notre Dame 35

Notre Dame signal-caller Leo Asiata should be very excited. Four star receiver Dexter Jackson will make his first appearance of the season and it comes against a team that has had trouble stopping the pass. Expect Notre Dame to go deep a lot as their vertical attack will prove too much for the Huskers to handle.

NightHawk’s Predictions:

LSU 35, Florida 31

Say hello to the LSU Youngbloods, I mean Tigers. The combination of brothers Gage and Colt Youngblood have lifted the Tigers to the highest scoring offense in the league. Let’s not forget the supporting cast of Jo Jo Tidwell, Cosmo Woods, Eric Maltser and Marcus Buford who have helped QB Gage Youngblood to an impressive 9/1 TD to INT ratio. They haven’t played a defensive front like Florida yet though and the Gators pass rush of Mohammed Dmour, Barkivious Oswald and Dylan Wingo have given opposing quarterbacks fits. If the Gators can get their offense going, they have a shot to win and get to 3-0, but I think LSU wins a close one at the swamp.

Nebraska 28, Notre Dame 35

Here we have two teams trending in different directions, but both teams needing a win after starting 0-2. Nebraska is who everyone knew they would be, a running machine with freshman speedster Scott Fountain at quarterback and one of toughest running backs in the country in Dowdy Dowell. They lack the personnel to be anything difference so far but their defense has kept them in games behind Mika Raikkonen. Notre Dame scored 13 in their opener and then exploded for 47 points in week two behind Leo Asiata’s six touchdown passes. This offense is ready to contend for the top in the country and they get four star receiver Dexter Jackson back this week. If the Irish can get their defense locked in, this could be a blowout, but I expect the Huskers to keep it close.

Hornsnation’s Predictions:


LSU will not have to worry about making a second half comeback as they trounce the Gators. Gage Youngblood continues to look like a star while Florida struggles to get much going on the ground.


Nebraska is Nebraska and the Irish are hungry for their first win. The season seven champs get their first win of the year while the Huskers are left reeling to a 0-3 start.

Jeff Melinyshyn’s Predictions:

LSU 35, Florida 20

LSU puts up points in bunches and in a hurry, averaging 46 pts/game while Florida only allows 25 pts/game. Something has to give and ultimately the offense for LSU will be too much and something Florida’s defense hasn’t seen yet this season.

Nebraska 20, Notre Dame 27

Two teams that are 0-2 in the Big Ten and both had high expectations on the season. Notre Dame averages 30 pts/game and Nebraska averages 21 pts/game, Nebraska has a stingy defense but if Notre Dame figured out the offense watch out.



As the CFSL world throws their support behind the Tigers, I’m going with the Gators. This is the biggest test of the season for Florida, and while LSU has played some great football, this Florida team is willing to grind and they find a way to win close games. If they can keep things close with LSU, and the defense remains as locked in as it has, they should be able to pull off the upset. And I find it odd that an undefeated team beating another undefeated team would be regarded as an upset, yet here we are.


I like what quarterback Scott Fountain adds to this Nebraska offense, and the defense has played well for the Cornhuskers. Unfortunately, they lack perimeter weapons capable of playing keep up. Especially since receiver Dexter Jackson is returning from suspension, following a week when quarterback Leo Asiata lit up scoreboards in a loss. The Fighting Irish are angry, and should get the win as a result.


While it’s an 8-1 split on the LSU-Florida matchup, with LSU being the heavily favored team, it’s unanimous when it comes to part two of the CFSL double-header where the expectation is that the Fighting Irish get the job done on their home turf.


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