Game Prediction Review: Week 3

BMillz · April 6, 2020

Oregon 35, Auburn 44

The Verdict: 7-2 Auburn

Most of our “experts” predicted a two-score game with Auburn winning. Nighthawk got the closest with a prediction of 41-31.

Alabama 31, Clemson 38

The Verdict: 6-3 Alabama

Most of our panelists went with The Crimson Tide but that didn’t stop David. He went against the grain and correctly guessed Alabama 31, Clemson 38!

Michigan 33, Texas 17

The Verdict: 9-0 Texas

Not a single panelists chose Michigan who went on to win by 16 points. I’m just gonna move on.

Ohio State 28, USC 37

The Verdict: 6-3 USC

The Trojans survived a comeback bid from the Buckeyes and six of our panelists got another game right. David was off by a single point from his projected score of 38-28.

FSU 41, Miami 17

The Verdict: 6-3 Miami

The Majority of our panelists got it wrong Friday night and by quite a bit. Grin was off by 17 which was the smallest amount of error for this game.

LSU 13, Florida 31

The Verdict: 8-1 LSU

The only person to take The Gators is naturally the closest. David predicted a final of  31-28.

Nebraska 21, Notre Dame 40

The Verdict: 9-0 Nebraska

Very rarely does a team without a win, get so much faith put into it but that’s what happened for the Fighting Irish. Jimbo was off by only 5 with his prediction being 38-24.


Horns: 15/21

David: 13/21

Grin: 13/21

Nighthawk: 12/21

Jimbo: 12/21

BMillz: 12/21

Russell: 11/21

Houston: 11/21

JeffMel: 10/21


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