Week Four: Texas vs. Alabama & Clemson vs. Florida State Previews

David Roy · April 7, 2020

We’re near the halfway mark of the CFSL season, and we’re due for a great Tuesday double header between four teams, all of whom still boast playoff aspirations, and our analysts will tell you who they suspect gets a step closer tonight.

Tom Pence’s Predictions:

Texas 28, Alabama 24

Both teams are coming off tough loses last week and should come out firing. Alabama will focus on the Texas air game while Texas likely will do the same against Alabama’s running game. That said I think Texas’ edges them out this week.

Clemson 21, Florida State 28

Yes Clemson has been able to put up points with their passing game, but they will be facing one of the best DB duos in the league this week and that may cause them problems. For Florida State they will need to handle the pass rush of Clemson and if so that will be the difference in this game.

Jimbo Smithers Predictions:

Texas 45, Alabama 42

Texas’ offense looked off last week, but with a change of playbook Clayton Denny looks to show a revamped Texas offense. Defensively, Alabama will not be able to stop the Three Musketeers. However, Siege may have his best game of the year and keep pace with Texas. A close one that could go either way.

Clemson 31, FLORIDA STATE 38

Clemson’s offense will keep them in this. Expect for Lund to have a monstrous game and be a POTW candidate. Slay has the talent to make an impact, so this game may boil down to who performs better, Lund or Slay.

Houston Freeman’s Predictions:

Texas 45, Alabama 48

Everybody wants to beat Texas, which is a compliment to them, however it means you get everyone’s best shot. Alabama followed up a tough loss to nonconference rival USC with yet another heartbreaking defeat at the paws of Clemson. Clemson shocked the world by scoring 15 in the last 1:16 to pull out their first win of the season. Texas is also reeling after a loss to Michigan. A quick playbook change will provide an interesting twist to this one. My X factor for this one is simply can the Alabama defense force enough turnovers or stops to allow the offense to keep up. Something in my gut has me picking the Crimson Tide this go around.

Clemson 31, Florida State 34

Florida State just had everything going right for them against Miami last week as they put it to Miami. Clemson also showed up, it took all 32 minutes but they were able to pull off a hailmary for their first win on the season. Clemson has show promise all season long, playing close games with SEC favorites. I see Florida State pulling it off late as Vidar Lund has a strong game on the ground.

Connor Russell’s Predictions:

Texas 30, Alabama 34

Both of these teams were expected to be powerhouses in their respective conferences, but have stumbled just a bit in the first three weeks. Both competitors are still strong and out to prove that this week. As long as Alabama controls the ball, they should be able to pull out a victory. Texas needs the exact opposite strategy – Just let it fly! I do think this ends up being a close, competitive matchup of teams fighting to make the playoff. Bama gets a small edge based on Texas’s struggles of late.

Clemson 31, Florida state 34

While it may seem surprising to those who haven’t checked in since the start of the season, this matchup is going to result in one of the best games of the season so far. Despite their talent deficit, Clemson has brought their A-Game to every single game so far this season, pushing better teams to the brink and pulling away with one win so far. FSU came in with a ton of hype behind them, but has struggled up until the beatdown they handed out last week. There aren’t many 1-2 teams out there that can go blow to blow with any team, but these two are it. I’m personally excited to see the passing game of Clemson go against the FSU secondary that has a stud at every position. I’m also looking forward to seeing FSU’s run game try and compete with a good front 7 from Clemson. This matchup is robust and full of potential for an instant classic. I’m giving a slight edge to FSU due to their all around talent, but both sides could come home with a victory tonight.

BMillz’s Predictions:

Texas 45, Alabama 34

I said the same thing about Michigan last week so I hope this doesn’t come back to bite me but Alabama doesn’t have the corners to cover Texas’ receivers. I’ll take the Longhorns.

Clemson 17, FLORIDA STATE 31

Clemson is still without a tailback and I think this makes it a very rough night for the Tigers. The Seminoles will be locked into their passing attack and will make it hard for them to keep up with the Likes of Adonis Jackson and Vidar Lund.

NightHawk’s Predictions:

Texas 34, Alabama 37

What a way to open week 4 for the CFSL. Texas has a lethal air attack that can hurt you in many different ways and freshman signal-caller Clayton Denny has fit in well with his receiver trio of Ray Conley, Scooby Lewis, and Lord Helix. That being said, the Texas defense has been less than impressive as Howard Cook has been trying to hold it down but struggling to do so without the supporting cast that Texas is used to on defense. Alabama has a great rushing attack with quarterback Balion Siege as a true dual threat along with halfback Ferrell Norman. Defenses will play key here and if Alabama can slow the passing attack from Texas, they can win this one. I think we get an overtime game and I think the Crimson Tide rise to the occasion at home.

Clemson 31, Florida State 38

I see another close game as both of these teams enter in similar situations at 1-2 but both coming off big wins, the first in the AD careers of Clutch and Grin. Both teams are trending upward. The lack of talent at the running back position will hurt the Tigers in this one as the Seminoles are very tough against the pass game, as they showed last week against Miami. The Tigers defense has been tough against the run which the is the bread and butter of the Noles offense with Vidar Lund and Adonis Jackson. Look for tight end Monte Jones to get involved early and often and give the Seminoles a slight edge at home.

Hornsnation’s Predictions:

Texas 44, Alabama 34

Offense is the name of the game tonight as Texas is back with their offense after an off week. Alabama can make it close but they need their defense to step up and force turnovers or this can get ugly.

Clemson 28, Florida state 34

This game I can see as being close. Clemson’s offense relies on passing while FSU’s bread and butter is their secondary. If FSU’s defense plays well, Clemson will struggle, but if Clemson can figure out a way to score they will have another upset.

Jeff Melinyshyn’s Predictions:

Texas 31, Alabama 21

Both teams underachieving coming into this contest. Both teams let me down, with Texas deciding not to show up against Michigan. One of these teams need to win to turn their season around, I don’t trust either team, but give me Texas just because they can out score an opponent any day of the week.

Clemson 31, FLORIDA STATE 28

Both teams coming off upsets and riding high. The tricky thing about this matchup is finding which team is for real. Clemson has played everyone tough. It comes down to quarterbacks and Jackson has been a turnover machine, give me Will Slay All Day.



I know what you’re thinking, Texas didn’t look good last week, and it’s non-conference so Texas shouldn’t feel pressured. But coming off a loss when you were heavily favored tends to upset you. So do two game losing streaks. It’s why I feel like Texas is going to come out of the gates angry and fierce, and I’m not sure the Crimson Tide has a counter punch ready to land before the clock hits triple zero.


I like where both teams are at, each one coming off an upset win. But the way in which each team won is different. The Tigers needed a Hail Mary to get the job done, which is impressive, but Florida State controlled their game. A win is a win, but I like the Seminoles for sustained success.


In a 6-3 decision, the Texas Longhorns are favored to defeat the Crimson Tide. I can only imagine the difficulty in these decisions, as both teams are on two game skids and both were on the wrong side of an upset last week. As far as Clemson and Florida State, let’s just say the Seminoles have been given an 8-1 advantage by our analysts to get the win tonight and achieve that .500 record.


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