Week Four: Miami vs. LSU & Ohio State vs. Nebraska Previews

David Roy · April 9, 2020

Week four continues and it does so with two very critical conference matchups. Miami is pitted against LSU, both on the wrong sides of an upset a week ago. And, Ohio State and Nebraska face each other. All four are looking for wins to help them in their playoff pursuits, and our analysts tell you who they thing takes that next step.

Tom Pence’s Predictions:

Miami 24, LSU 28

The Youngbloods will be looking to bounce back after last week and should have a better outing against Miami. The ‘Canes can’t afford to have a second loss in the SEC but unless they can open up their passing game LSU will be set to stop the Miami running attack.

Ohio State 34, Nebraska 24

This may turn into a track meet, but I have the feeling Ohio State has just a little more fire power and that should be too much for the Cornhuskers.

Jimbo Smithers Predictions:

Miami 38, LSU 34

These are two phenomenal teams coming off poor performances. The difference will be Marcus Duncan and Colt Youngblood. Both are two of the best freshmen halfbacks and stars on their teams. However, Duncan will show his prowess and lead Miami to victory.

Ohio State 100, Nebraska 0

Brayden Ennis is a star in the making, and he will have a field day again today. As he goes for probably like 500 yards and seven TDs. He is the best receiver to play the game and will show it again tonight.

Houston Freeman’s Predictions:

Miami 28, LSU 38

LSU lost all momentum this week following a loss to Florida, and Miami looked rough against Florida State. Both teams try to right the ship and get back into the SEC picture. The Youngbloods will outperform Jose Bueno and Marcus Duncan for the win.

Ohio State 45, Nebraska 30

Ohio State dropped a close one to a very good USC team last week, but I’ve got faith that Jimbo will rebound nicely. Nebraska is still searching for that elusive first win of the year. Nebraska has to get the pass game going to better compliment tailback Dowdy Dowell. On the other side of things, the defense hasn’t been able to control the game very well either. Ohio State signal-caller Jefferson Allen’s numbers continue to impress, but he’s gotta knock the interception numbers down to make this team successful.

Connor Russell’s Predictions:

MIAMI 31, LSU 35

Based on my research from my college ye- the internet, Miami is a hotbed of nightlife and cartel ties. What do kingpins usually own? You guessed, it – Tigers. Therefore, this is basically a home game for LSU. Imagine trying to throw a back shoulder pass while being growled at by 50000 live tigers. I don’t think you can do it. LSU wins easy, then heads to the clubs with Mike the Tiger.

OSU 24, Nebraska 21

Ohio State has yet to truly find that sweet spot on offense, but you’ve gotta love the production from this defense. Against a run first team like Nebraska, it’s hard to see OSU struggling with their linebacker group. And yet, I still see an opportunity for Nebraska to put together enough of a ball control based game plan to win this in a low scoring game. Give OSU an edge, but tune into this one if you want to see strong defenses and a gritty attitude out on the field. I’m calling a missed FG by Nebraska that decides the game.

BMillz’s Predictions:

Miami a lot, LSU a little

Enough said.

Ohio State 38, Nebraska 24

Nebraska had a rough game against Notre Dame and I think it will be another tough outing for them. Ohio State throws it just as much if not more than the Irish and Nebraska didn’t show me that they could stop it last week.

Hornsnation’s Predictions:

Miami 24, LSU 28

I expect this game to be close. LSU struggled last week and Miami has a stellar secondary. I would think LSU would try and get Colt more involved before he walks after all the focus has been with Gage. I think the team with the least amount of turnovers will win this game.

Ohio State 40, Nebraska 31

Ohio State has not faced a rushing attack like Nebraskas all year but Jefferson Allen will make people forget about the failures of his defense and throw five TDs tonight. Unfortunately for Nebraska, they will need to rely on Fountain’s arm and will struggle getting the ball downfield.

Jeff Melinyshyn’s Predictions:

Miami 27, LSU 24

Miami and LSU both coming off loses, Miami was upset in a game many picked them to win. How many people jumping off that train is yet to be seen. This game seems to be shaping up as LSU’s offense vs. Miami’s defense and can Miami’s offense put up points in a high scoring affair if their defense can’t stop LSU’s offense.

OSU 35, Nebraska 28

If you were to look at the top three passers for the season, number two is Jefferson Allen at 1,238 yards. Meanwhile, Nebraska cannot figure out how to use Fountain and have been one dimensional for the last two weeks after looking good week one. There will be a lot of hitting as Fowler sees his first game against Dowell. I like OSU here, Nebraska needs to show some life.


MIAMI 31, LSU 45

Last week, neither team managed to get things to go their way. I anticipate that will change tonight, especially for LSU who will get their Youngbloods going so that they can put up points like they’ve done for a better part of the season. Miami will do their best to keep up, but I’m not sold on it being enough.


This game looks like a mismatch to me. Ohio State is in a position to put the screws to a one dimensional Nebraska team, and with the Buckeyes needing a conference win to bolster their playoff hopes, I can’t see them doing anything but coming out and getting a complete win tonight.


The LSU Tigers have been given the 5-3 advantage to defeat the Hurricanes and bounce back following their upset loss to Florida a week ago. As for the second part of this Thursday doubleheader, let’s just say everybody’s on the same page in expecting Ohio State to be victorious.


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