Week Four: Auburn vs. Florida Preview

David Roy · April 10, 2020

Friday Night Lights has a different weight behind it this week. It’s only week four and yet, tonight almost carries the weight of a playoff game. It’s absurd to think, and maybe it’s only because Auburn and Florida are the last of the unbeatens in the CFSL. And yet, that’s the feeling, the atmosphere around the CFSL for tonight, and our analysts are on board with that.

Tom Pence’s Predictions:

Auburn 34, Florida 31

The battle of the two SEC powers through three games should be a good one. Florida is riding high right now and could upset Auburn, but Auburn always seems to find a way to pull it out and think this will happen in this game.

Jimbo Smithers Predictions:

Auburn 34, Florida 37

Bentley. Jones. This is the man of the hour. He will carry the ball right through Calloway and move it onto the endzone, putting Florida in position to take the SEC crown.

Houston Freeman’s Predictions:

Auburn 48, Florida 49

I’m not one to doubt Matt Pack and Auburn… especially the way they’ve started this season. But I’m gonna roll the dice and take a sleeper pick here. HunkyDory has the Gators in a full speed death roll and every team in their way so far has suffered. Mathias St. John has been lights out, and this offense looks unstoppable right now. Gators win a close one in a game for the ages.

Connor Russell’s Predictions:

Auburn 38, Florida 31

Auburn Auburn Auburn. What more can I say about possibly the best squad in the league? They have this all around game that you really can’t stop. But if you had to pick a team that can go out and shut up the lesser tigers, it’s Florida. This Gator team is fierce on defense, with their coverage game being on another level. No wonder this is our prime time game. Both teams are as good as advertised. It’s a pick’em, but I’m going with Auburn and calling that if they win, an undefeated regular season is happening.

BMillz’s Predictions:

Auburn 17, Florida 14

This game is gonna be won in the trenches. These two teams are gonna let their defenses do most of the talking and I think whoever has the best running performance from their backfield comes out on top.

Hornsnation’s Predictions:

Auburn 28, Florida 31

This is the matchup of the week. Both teams come in with a very good offense and even better defense. Florida shocked many by shutting down LSUs offense last week and face another tough test with Auburn’s offense. I can see this game going back and forth as two heavyweights fight it out for top SEC position. I think Florida wins a nailbiter.

Jeff Melinyshyn’s Predictions:

Auburn 31, Florida 28

The matchup we’ve been waiting for. One of these powers in the SEC won’t be unbeaten after tonight. Florida’s defense is giving up a league low 63 total points against. They are also giving up 21 pts/game. While Auburn’s offense is scoring a league high 43 pts/game. This might come down to who has the ball last. I like the Tigers here, St. John needs to play his best game in order to pull off the win.



Auburn can score more than that, you know it and I know it. But here’s the deal, both defenses are good. Both offenses can score when they’re in-sync. And yet, this game feels like it’s a playoff atmosphere. Griffin Jelkic has been stellar since the National Championship game, and Auburn hasn’t lost a game since week seven of last season. Auburn is favored and rightfully so, but I have this sneaking suspicion that they’re winning streak has come due to be ended and Florida’s the team to do it.


Get a coin, label one side Florida, the other Auburn. Flip said coin. That’s where our analysts are at right now. It’s a dead split among them as to who they anticipate coming away with the win, and rightfully so. Two teams enter at 3-0, only one can leave with a perfect record still intact, and even our analysts can’t come to an agreed decision as to who should win. Four of us think it’s Auburn, the other four believe Florida. Bottom line, tonight’s game is one you can’t afford to miss.


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