Week Four: USC vs. Michigan & Notre Dame vs. Oregon Previews

David Roy · April 11, 2020

Week four wraps up with some major Big Ten action as USC and Michigan take to the Big House and Notre Dame flies on the wings of Dijon Swann to bring down the Ducks of Oregon. Our analysts tell you who they expect to win.

Tom Pence’s Predictions:

USC 32, Michigan 24

Both these teams had big wins last week. The difference here is that USC can get you with the run and the pass. Michigan will struggle to stop them both and that is why The Trojans win this one.

Notre Dame 38, Oregon 35

Both these teams have high powered offenses at the moment and I don’t see that changing. The difference in this one is most likely either a late Irish sand or turnover. Irish pull it out and stay in the playoff picture with the Ducks and Trojans.

Jimbo Smithers Predictions:

USC 42, Michigan 34

USC has immense talent, but Dior Chapman keeps them alive. However, Mason Winters goes off and secures the win for USC.

Notre Dame 45, Oregon 42

Notre Dame is an team that has untapped potential. Their offense is one of the best and their defense has talent littered throughout. However, Oregon has one of the top 3 offenses in the league. This is a classic shootout, and only the tough will survive this one.

Houston Freeman’s Predictions:

USC 37, Michigan 33

Michigan seems to have figured things out after beating Texas last week and earning their first win. However, USC looks far more dangerous the last two weeks, dropping Alabama and Ohio State a couple of L’s. Kingston Fox is having a year, and receiver Tim Cope has the break away speed to cause you fits. The Trojans will prove they’ve got more mettle than the wolverines.

Notre Dame 40, Oregon 42

Two teams with explosive offenses I hear?? Just my kind of game. I’m going with the Ducks in a shootout because what’s better than seeing The Mustard Bird losing to his former team.

Connor Russell’s Predictions:

USC 31, Michigan 35

After the season they had last season, it feels weird seeing USC struggle a little bit. However, you can’t argue with 2-1. This team still has to be considered a Big Ten favorite. Michigan is a team that needs to be taken seriously as well. They’ve kept things close with Florida, beat Texas, and dropped a game to a strong Oregon team. That’s why I’m going with the upset here. Michigan just needs to air it out and let things fall into place.

Notre Dame 48, Oregon 43

ND just has a lone win against Nebraska, so really how good is this team? It’s hard to tell based on their prior results. This was a team that was picked to be a playoff contender at the start of the year, but stumbled hard out of the gates. On the other hand, Oregon has been solid, beating teams that I consider “good”. It’s time for ND to build on their momentum and take this one. If they can spread the ball between all their weapons on offense, the game is theirs. Prepare for a shootout.

BMillz’s Predictions:

USC 28, Michigan 24

Michigan is coming off of a huge upset last week but I think they come back down to earth against USC. The Trojans are here to win the Big 10 and this is a game they need to win to do that.

Notre Dame 45, Oregon 42

The Return of The Mustard Bird will be a great game and one that we will remember when we look back on the year. A shootout between two very good offenses but I think that there’s more playmakers for the Fighting Irish.

Hornsnation’s Predictions:

USC 38, Michigan 28

Michigan shocked many with the stellar play by their offense last week against Texas. USC rebounded and they look to continue their winning streak to three games. I see the Trojans taking this one early and keeping the lead away from Michigan.

Notre Dame 35, Oregon 48

The Irish got their first win of the season last week against the Huskers but unfortunately for Notre Dame, these aren’t the Huskers. Oregon has come to play this season and took Auburn to the ropes last week. Oregon beats Notre Dame this week and causes some concern for the season seven champions.

Jeff Melinyshyn’s Predictions:

USC 28, Michigan 35

I would be pure Michigan if they came out and got destroyed to USC after pulling off the game they did against Texas last week. USC did just enough thanks in part to Green’s 3 picks. Something has to give in this matchup Michigan is just giving up 29 pts/game while USC is giving up 36 pts/game. Robinson and Fox do not look like the game changers they were last season, but do not take them lightly, I am going out on limb and picking Michigan.

Notre Dame 40, Oregon 34

The last game of week four and this game has a lot of meaning in the Big Ten standings. Notre Dame was not able to win against Oregon last season when they needed to. Defensively, Oregon is giving up 33 pts/game and ND is giving up 34 pts/game. Offensively, Oregon is scoring 34 pts/game and ND is scoring 33 pts/game. I believe Notre Dame’s defense can get a stop or turnover to seal the victory.



Look, what Michigan did against Texas last week is impressive, but USC, in my opinion, is the second best team in the league. I can’t see them letting Michigan get the win, especially since the Trojans, with a win today, keeps them on pace to get control of the Big Ten.


There’s no disputing that Dijon Swann would love to put on a show against his former team, and while he may, I don’t know that his performance alone will be enough to unseat the Oregon Ducks who want to keep the pressure on Texas and USC for the Big Ten crown.


The USC Trojans, despite being on the road, are given a 6-2 advantage over the Michigan Wolverines for this afternoon’s contest. The second matchup is a bit more of a split, with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are given a 5-3 advantage to defeat the Oregon Ducks, meaning our analysts are, for the most part, riding with the road warriors.


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