Week Five: Miami vs. Auburn & Alabama vs. LSU Previews

David Roy · April 13, 2020

We’ve crossed the halfway point of the season, and with it, we’ve got two crucial SEC matchups to kick off week five. Miami and Auburn face each other to open the week, and Alabama and LSU square off to close out Monday night. Here’s the thoughts by our analysts.

Tom Pence’s Predictions:

Miami 21, Auburn 31

Just a few weeks ago Miami looked like a juggernaut, but after two bad losses this week doesn’t look to get much easier. Auburn on the other hand just keeps rolling and after taking down former undefeated Florida look to continue their hot streak. I just think Auburn’s defense will be too much for the Hurricanes in this matchup.

Alabama 24, LSU 21

I know Alabama hasn’t looked good since week one and LSU just came off a big win against Miami. Just have that feeling that this is the week where The Tide get back on track and slow down the Tiger air attack.

Jimbo Smithers Predictions:

Miami 38, Auburn 35

Miami has had Auburn’s number for their entire existence. It’s almost like some magic hangs over them for this game. I don’t think it changes. No reason Miami wins other than the fact they have the magic touch over Auburn.

Alabama 24, LSU 35

LSU had a rough game against Florida, but has bounced back with an impressive win over conference foe Miami. Then you have an Alabama who is struggling after a week one upset. They are getting desperate. LSU has the upper hand and I think they use that and come away on top.

Houston Freeman’s Predictions:

Miami 28, Auburn 40

Matt Pack’s Auburn Tigers are the team to beat and I don’t think the Hurricanes can keep pace with that offense. Miami looked too inconsistent against LSU last week for me to give them an edge in Auburn on a short turnaround. Auburn’s winning streak will continue until at least week 8, you heard it here first.

Alabama 34, LSU 31

LSU got back to their preseason expectations this past week with a butt kicking of Miami. However, a quick turnaround for LSU, leads me to put my money on the team with more prep time and nothing to lose at this point. Bama showed promise against FSU in week one before dropping 3 straight. Perhaps the Tide find a way to kick start the offense and send the Tigers home with their tails tucked between their tails. Expect a high intensity game, one likely full of emotion as both teams try to fight for a spot in the SEC playoff picture.

Connor Russell’s Predictions:

Miami 24, Auburn 31

What a great game to open up the week – Miami, coming off their recent loss toLSU, is bringing a new offensive scheme to the table that should spice things up a bit. But this is Auburn we’re talking about here. No look is going to fool them for long. Calloway is going to bring the pain against what looks to be a run heavy squad, giving them a distinct advantage tonight. Look for the world-beaters to, well, continue to beat the world.

Alabama 31, LSU 34

Let’s break this one down bit by bit. Alabama’s mascot is an elephant. Pretty cool, I’ll admit. But elephants are voracious mega-herbivores, eating hundreds of pounds of food such as grasses and bark each day. TLDR: They eat leaves and stuff. He’s the kind of guy you see complaining at a whole foods because this kale isn’t organic. Know what Tigers eat? Tigers feed on deer, (30-50) wild pigs, and small bears! SMALL BEARS! You tell me that you’d pick some vegetarian over a guy who can defeat a small bear? That’s what I thought. Geaux Tigers.

BMillz’s Predictions:

Miami 31, Auburn 30

Miami needs a conference win and Auburn doesn’t. It’s gonna be a hard fought battle but the Hurricanes will Triumph.

Alabama 21, LSU 34

The Tigers are gonna have another dominant passing performance this week. I don’t think Alabama’s offense has the fire power to keep up and after keeping close the whole game I expect LSU to blow the top off this game midway through the 2nd half.

NightHawk’s Predictions:

Miami 31, Auburn 38

This is a must win game for Miami if they want a shot at a SEC title and even if they are just hoping to get into the playoff. You don’t want to be 0-3 in the conference with 3 to play. This Auburn team has looked unstoppable with a point differential of 59 points. Griffin Jelkic has looked like a legitimate player of the year front runner for the defending champion Tigers. Miami has stumbled a bit since their hot start in the first two weeks of the season as teams have figured out Jose Bueno’s new strategy a bit. Auburn defense is very strong but if there is a time for Bueno and this Miami passing attack to rebound, it’s against the Auburn secondary who have been playing above their talent level on paper. I still can’t see anyone beating the Tigers, especially not Miami after their recent skid.

Alabama 31, LSU 35

Man, after that hot start to season 6, Alabama just hasn’t been able to figure it out. They are going to have to do that quickly if they want a shot to get into the playoffs. LSU has been the expansion team to watch this year as they may turn their playoff hopes into reality with a win here. Alabama doesn’t match up all that well in this one as they have struggled against the pass and that is what LSU and freshman Gage Youngblood do very well. The Crimson tide have to find a way to get five star receiver Baron Adams involved as LSU has been tougher against the run, which is the bread and butter of this Alabama offense. If Alabama can dig deep and shut down the pass and get their pass game going, they have a fighting chance, but I see LSU winning and inching closer to a playoff spot.

Hornsnation’s Predictions:

Miami 24, Auburn 21

Look Auburn has been impressive this season and could go undefeated but this game is usually a trap game for them. The Hurricanes have had the Tigers numbers for seasons now and just switched playbooks to get Duncan more involved in a pistol set playbook. There will be a lot of rushing attempts to set up the play-action for Bueno. This is going to be a defensive game on both sides and I see the Hurricanes squeaking by.

Alabama 20, LSU 45

After losing big last week to Texas, Alabama faces another tough offense. LSU has been pass only for the majority of the season and Alabama has no corners. Look for a repeat of last week for Bama as they struggle with the Colorado playbook. LSU rolls in this one and Bama is left changing their playbooks shortly after this game.

Jeff Melinyshyn’s Predictions:

Miami 20, Auburn 28

Auburn put the whole CFSL on notice against Florida on the road. Miami has looked like a shell of itself the last couple of weeks. Miami is 1-1 against Auburn, I just cannot see the Tigers losing this one.

Alabama 28, LSU 38

The first matchup ever in the CFSL between these two rivals. LSU looked phenomenal against a Miami team that did not show up. Alabama did not show up against Texas. This is either going to be close and back and forth or a blowout. I gotta LSU in this one. Alabama is struggling.


Miami 24, Auburn 35

Auburn has been stellar, dating back to their National Championship game last season. But more importantly, they’ve shown consistency on both sides of the ball, something that Miami has been severely lacking so far this season. I believe Auburn is just clicking and will not be slowed just yet.


LSU needs to keep pace with Auburn, and need to keep winning in the event that Auburn does slip, even if it’s to these LSU Tigers. I get that Alabama really wants to get this taste of defeat out of their mouth, I’m just not sure they can do it tonight, especially against a fierce LSU defense.


The defending National Champs have been given the 6-3 advantage to take down the Hurricanes, while LSU has won the hearts of seven of our analysts, with a 7-2 advantage over the Crimson Tide tonight.


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