Week Five: Nebraska vs. USC Previews

David Roy · April 16, 2020

We return to the Big Ten tonight for another critical matchup, and we do so with an underrated game tonight. The Cornhuskers and the Trojans are squaring off and USC is looking to get one step closer to the Big Ten Crown. But, Nebraska would like back-to-back upsets and to keep in the thick of the playoff race.

Tom Pence’s Predictions:

Nebraska 31, USC 38

The Cornhuskers looked like world beaters last week against Ohio State. The Trojans are a step up in competition in the BIG TEN and their defense should be just enough to lead them to a win. Although I would love to see this outcome to be different and there be a Nebraska win at the end of this game, my moneis on USC.

Jimbo Smithers Predictions:

Nebraska 27, USC 38

USC is in the driver’s seat of the Big Ten, but hasn’t pulled away in a game yet. Nebraska has talent but only realized it a week ago. USC will have the talent and the linebacker corps to stop this deadly option.

Houston Freeman’s Predictions:

Nebraska 24, USC 38

USC has quietly put together a nice start to season seven. Meanwhile the Cornhuskers have struggle to find consistency on both side of the ball. I think the Trojans will continue to take care of business and finish this one with a strong performance.

Connor Russell’s Predictions:

Nebraska 24, USC 31

Nebraska, congratulations on getting that evasive first win in such dominant fashion. That game proves the talent and play calling potential is there to make waves. We just need to see a game plan like that executed on a weekly basis. I’ve been pretty open about both consistently undervaluing USC’s abilities, as well as me being consistently wrong about my opinions regarding their football prowess. Obviously they should get a win here, but Fountain is a baller. Myles will have to be on his scrambles immediately in order for USC to secure the win. I’ll be watching this one with a keen eye, as a win for either side gets the playoff talks started.

BMillz’s Predictions:

Nebraska 17, USC 31

The Trojans host the Cornhuskers in a battle of two teams on the opposite ends of the Big Ten standings. I’m gonna be boring and pick the one who hasn’t lost a conference game yet.

NightHawk’s Predictions:

Nebraska 28, USC 35

The Cornhuskers came off a HUGE win last week against Ohio State that gave them new life in season seven. Look for them to come in hungry and upset the Big Ten leading USC Trojans and that fire could put them over the top. However, USC has been very very good lately and this is a super talented team who has talent everywhere on the field. USC will try and attack the Nebraska secondary but the Huskers defense is good and will give Kingston Fox fits. I think the Trojan’s defense is really good and although the Huskers put up 49 last week, they won’t repeat that success against one of, if not the best linebacking cores in the league. Trojans roll to move to 4-1 and unbeaten in the Big Ten.

Hornsnation’s Predictions:

Nebraska 30, USC 41

Nebraska is facing USC tonight after dismantling a struggling OSU team last week. USC isn’t Ohio State. I predict USC wins by a couple scores but don’t be surprised if Nebraska pulls off that black corn magic.

Jeff Melinyshyn’s Predictions:

Nebraska 31, USC 34

Nebraska got their first win of the season in an upset smackdown of Ohio State. Now they get the leader of the Big Ten USC. In this game last season at Lincoln, Nebraska played hard and gave USC a run for their money but ultimately lost 31-24. I like the favorites at home in a close meeting again.


NEBRASKA 17, usc 28

I’m not sure Nebraska can knock off the Trojans, especially with the Cornhuskers being on the road. But I’m also not sold on USC running away with this. They had four turnovers last week, and yet only won by nine. I have a feeling this game will be just close enough for Nebraska to be hopeful and USC fans to be uncomfortable, but ultimately, the Trojans get the job done on their home turf.


It’s unanimous! Give credit to Nebraska, they stunned the CFSL world last week by knocking off the Buckeyes, but nobody’s sold on them being able to do it in consecutive weeks. However, there is an expectation that Nebraska will keep things close and within striking distance of the Trojans’ lead.


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