Week Six: LSU vs. Ohio State Preview

David Roy · April 21, 2020

Week six rolls on and into some non-conference action for tonight. The Tigers and Buckeyes are going head to head and while some may not find this game to have a lot of meeting due to it being non-conference, overall record is an element of the tiebreakers. Here’s the take by our analysts.

Tom Pence’s Predictions:

LSU 31, Ohio State 28

This is the game that the Buckeyes start to look better and limit the turnovers. With that LSU has too many weapons and Ohio State is there yet. I look for the boys from the south to get back on track and The Buckeyes to continue with a building season.

Jimbo Smithers Predictions:

LSU A Little, Ohio State A Lot

Both teams come in off bad losses. LSU, however, is a tiger. Tigers eat meat. What’s a Buckeye? A nut. If a Tiger tries to eat a nut, it will choke and die. Nuff said Ohio State wins it.

Houston Freeman’s Predictions:

LSU 42, Ohio State 32

LSU looked like the team to beat early this year, but looked a bit out of sorts against Bama last week after a poor showing offensively. I believe the LSU offense will find a rhythm again this week and convince the league they’re still one of the top SEC teams you don’t want to play. Ohio State on the other hand has some answer searching to do on both sides of the ball. The Buckeyes might just be one solid week away from picking up some quality wins. #GeauxTigas

Connor Russell’s Predictions:

LSU 41, Ohio state 27

As the former AD of OSU, I have a deep and profound respect for their university and those who play there. In addition, Jimbo has been a great teammate and friend to me as CFSL season tick by. But you know what I hate? The fact that he beat me in The Show recently. Not cool. Time to beat him in something that actually matters – no mercy style. Besides, are you really going to pick a nut over a Tiger? No, no you’re not. LSU is about to get back on track with a big W.

NightHawk’s Predictions:

LSU 38, Ohio State 31

This inter-conference matchup is mostly for momentum going into the final two games of the season and both teams need it. LSU needs to figure some things out after dropping a game to Alabama last week and dropping to 2-2 in the SEC. Ohio State has fallen to 1-4 and out of the playoff picture in the B1G, so time to play spoiler. The Tigers need to get back to their bread and butter, and that’s the passing attack. Look for Gage Youngblood, Marcus Buford and Jo Jo Tidwell to get going early and often against a struggling Buckeye defense. If Ohio State wants to win, Jefferson Allen is going to need to have another game like he did early on in the season and someone other than Isaiah Fowler is going to have to play some defense.

Hornsnation’s Predictions:

LSU 45, Ohio State 34

Two of my former prodigies go at it tonight. While LSU is in a better place than OSU is right now, I wouldn’t be shocked if this game is closer. I don’t believe in Jefferson Allen against this LSU defense. I think a couple more picks are on the schedule for him tonight. As for Gage Youngblood, he gets the job done and continues to remind people why he is an OPOY candidate.

Jeff Melinyshyn’s Predictions:

LSU 35, Ohio State 24

The first game of the week that is out of conference. Ohio State is looking shell shocked and trying to figure things out. Meanwhile, LSU is coming off a tough loss at home to Alabama. I am going with LSU but I hope they are not overlooking Ohio State with a matchup against Auburn 2 weeks away. This could be a trap game if LSU is not careful.



As Ohio State comes into tonight reeling from their last couple of weeks, I can’t help but wonder if they can pull the upset tonight. Certainly it’s not impossible, but personally I find it unlikely considering the way the LSU defense has played and given the struggles that the Buckeyes have had with turning the ball over this season.


Perhaps with little to no surprise, the LSU Tigers are given a 7-1 advantage by our analysts for tonight’s contest. But, there’s always a chance, that Ohio State does the unthinkable.


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