Week Six: Auburn vs. Florida State & Michigan vs. Notre Dame Previews

David Roy · April 24, 2020

Week six is nearing it’s close, and by the time the night is out. One team’s playoff lives could be very much in jeopardy. And, one team could establish themselves as the clear favorite to win the SEC for the first time in their CFSL career.

Tom Pence’s Predictions:

Auburn 26, Florida State 28

The Tigers look unbeatable and on a course to be the second team in league history to go undefeated in the regular season. Florida State has had to show the league that they are for real after an 0-2 start to their season. With that this is a game that on paper the Noles lose, but this is a team that after last week against Florida found a way to pull it out. Last second touchdown is the difference in this one as the home team wins.

Michigan 24, Notre Dame 34

The Irish offense will not make any mistakes in this one as they get back on track after a stumble against Texas. Michigan has all the weapons to pull off the upset, but an angry Irish Defense will help lock in the victory.

Jimbo Smithers Predictions:

Auburn 21, FLorida State 24

This will be the game of the year. FSU is one of the most talented teams in the league, while Auburn is Auburn, they’ve faced every challenge and met it with a fierce passion to win. A defensive battle is in store, and FSU will outlast their conference opponents.

Michigan 34, Notre Dame 27

Michigan has an option that is only paralleled by Nebraska. Dior Chapman is on a tear and this week will be the same. Look for the matchup between Dijon Swann and Joose Staley, that will determine the game and Staley will “win” it, although Swann may still go for 150.

Houston Freeman’s Predictions:

Auburn 31, Florida State 28

Is there any point in picking against Auburn any more this season? That’s it, that’s the tweet. Joking aside, Florida State has made a nice and quiet comeback after starting the season 0-2. However, Auburn just looks too dangerous, and I don’t think any team will realistically catch them until Week 8 or beyond (what I’ve said all season). QB Griffin Jelkic is having an OPOY kind of season and it’s not stopping this week. #WDE

Michigan 20, Notre Dame 31

Notre Dame struggled early in last week’s prime match up against Texas, but stormed back to make it a game. Michigan showed a flash of brilliance against Texas early this season and just hasn’t been able to recreate the magic. I think Notre Dame snags another big conference win to keep themselves in the conversation for a B1G championship. #FightinIrish

Connor Russell’s Predictions:

Auburn 30, Florida state 27

This is the matchup I’ve been looking forward to all week! SEC heavyweights Auburn roll into Tallahassee for this prime time game with major playoff implications. During the preseason, these were the two big teams to watch out for in the SEC. Both of them have lived up to the hype and are ready to make big things happen tonight. Auburn has been incredibly efficient on both sides of the ball, but have some really interesting weaknesses when their opponents get into the red zone. Fortunately for them, it doesn’t happen all that often. Florida State’s strength is their secondary, with ability to fly around the field and make plays that most teams dream of. Will that be enough to stop Jelkic from exercising his will and making the magic happen again? This reporter says no. But I do like the idea of a low scoring game.

Michigan 38, Notre Dame 42

In most scenarios, it would take a lot for Michigan to make it into the playoffs at this point. They don’t have to win out, but it gets a lot harder if they don’t. I still stand by the notion that ND is a solid team with multiple premium players scattered around the roster. With a win here, playoffs are a strong possibility. This game should feature a ton of passing yards, similar to the Texas LSU game earlier in the season. So if you like high octane passing attacks, this is the game for you. ND is going to head back to South Bend with a win, but I’m taking the over regardless of the line.

BMillz’s Predictions:

Auburn 24, Florida State 17

Auburn can put themselves in a great position with a win here. They’ve been winning all season so I don’t see any reason to believe they won’t win here.

Michigan 27, Notre Dame 38

The Fighting Irish are close to getting to the inside of the B10 playoff race. Notre Dames defense matches up really well with Michigan’s offense which gives the Irish the upper hand in this matchup.

Hornsnation’s Predictions:

Auburn 17, Florida state 0

Yes. I put a zero next to FSU. Why might you ask? Well looking at FSU’s offense, they don’t really have an identity. Lund has not gotten a ton of work this year, and Jackson has turned it over a bunch. This may be a blue collar type of game where each team struggles to find an offensive rhythm. I believe the Tigers get the job done and move on to clinching the SEC.

Michigan 24, Notre Dame 34

Notre Dame lost a heartbreaker last week and they need to win to try and make the playoffs. Michigan could still make the playoffs but this is a must win for them. Notre Dame and Swann get rolling this week and leave the Wolverines in the dust.

Jeff Melinyshyn’s Predictions:

Auburn 27, Florida State 24

Two of the longest winning streaks in the CFSL kick off in the first part of Friday Night. This is a game that could be in the running for game of the season at the end of the season. Auburn gives up just 24 pts/game and FSU gives up 23 pts/game. Offense is a 10 pts difference, Auburn scoring 37 pts/game and FSU scores 27 pts/game. FSU needs the defense to come to play if they want any chance, a shootout won’t get you the win. The defense for Auburn is too strong in my opinion.

Michigan 24, Notre Dame 27

The second part of the Friday Night doubleheader is a pivotal game for both teams. Michigan is 1-2 in the Big Ten and the playoff hopes are dwindling, a win against Notre Dame gets them to 2-2 and right back in the thick of the playoff race. Notre Dame meanwhile, started slow against Texas and that did them in ultimately. They cannot start slow against Michigan. I still like what Notre Dame has done this season but whenever Michigan is in backs against the wall spot, they pull it out and it seems it’s always against Notre Dame. Remember the Pipino game winning TD?



Florida State has come on strong as of late, but with the tear that Auburn has been on, I’m not ready to go against the Tigers. Look, last week was defensive matchup for both and both teams found a way to win. But I’m getting flashbacks of how we fell in love with Florida as they went up against Auburn. And look at how that panned out.


A loss for the Michigan Wolverines very well could knock them out of the playoff, and the best case scenario is that their lives are in serious jeopardy next week. Notre Dame’s coming off a fight with Texas, and honestly, I think there’s still fight left for them to want to do to Michigan what Michigan did to them with Georgio Pipino a couple seasons ago.


The defending National Champions have been given the 6-2 choice by our analysts to get the win tonight, which would put them in great position to win the SEC. Our analysts are similarly sided with Notre Dame tonight, only this is a 7-1 choosing over the Wolverines.


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